...to remedy the nations' distress.

 Our purposes with this site are personal as well as public, the public encompassing both professional and societal.

Please pardon the mess as we rebuild this site; feel free to prepare complaints for when we've managed to get that part working.


Ideas and approaches that are sometimes "outside the box", critical thinking, noting of perspectives.

Look carefully at the leading photograph.  Note the sense provided by the expanse of water, the dwarfed but central single figure of the statue near waters' edge, against a backdrop of the Capitol.  Now think of the song "Don Quixote", the warrior, the preacher.

United By A Common Goal

The objectives here are generally for independent action, by individuals rather than groups.  No organization per se, no leaders, no duties or obligations beyond or more specific than those of citizenship within The Great Experiment.

Get Involved

Do the reading.  Think a bit.  Perhaps do some independent research; further reading, additional thinking.  It has been said that, particularly in a society similar to this one, government becomes the government deserved.  Take the time and energy to take action, in accord with the dictates of conscience.  Too often in this society   --  sometimes for good reason but more often with poor excuse if any --   too many leave the obligations of citizenship, the participation part of a participatory democratic republic, to "the other guy", resulting in too little of what needs done being done at all, let alone well.

The real coinage of a society, its real "wealth", has two sides: Responsibility and Freedom.  The more one has of the one, the more of the other; the less one has of one side, the less of the other.

Every individual in The United States of America has the opportunity to, in this sense at least, be very rich and to enrich others as well...if that is the path they choose to take.  That is key to The Great Experiment [and perhaps why so many feel so much of that is at terrible risk, on the verge of being lost].  Take action: do it now.


We think the yellow-orange pussycat now holding the Oval Office really needs to either "grow a pair", or at least re-align his "manhood"...on the premise that it takes a lot of audacity [had to clean that up a bit] to try to foist off on the public the noise and image that guy seems bent on promoting.