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We continue to petition to The White House in support for “Hierarchy of Law”, largely designed to keep UN & similar attempts against US sovereignty, as regarding arms and the Law of the Sea Treaty, from ever allowing the UN or others to dictate to the US, while still allowing the US to adopt positions in line with such.

Please help this effort to protect US Sovereignty and The US Constitution.  More, here.

Or, take our word for it and immediately go to The White House site to sign: http://wh.gov/lpOEN




April 18, 2014



Have words any meaning anymore?  Is there any point to trying to communicate with others with whom one has nothing in common, not even language?  Or even any common experience?

Words must have value if we are to communicate.  They must have definitions that are held in common.  Or we are done before we begin.  [“Watch Your Language”, written in 2008 and posted on this site in 2009.]


The “rights” of “LGBT” quash the rights of others to exercise their freedoms.  Putin claims to have been given the “right” by his government to use force in Ukraine.  Bundy claims to be within his rights in the controversy with BLM, while BLM claims to be within “rights” to fall on Bundy like a ton of bricks.

And then there is Harry Reid.

Harry got away with a lot of nasty talk over the last several months, noises made in The Senate.  But now he seems to think he has “rights” to freely slander folk whenever and wherever he chooses.  He was relatively safe when speaking in “The Well” in The Senate, Constitutionally protected from virtually any accountability.  This last stuff, however, calling people “domestic terrorists” who had “automatic weapons”  -- almost always a crime for about 80 years now --  was done in an interview, not in Congress: that could open him to slander suits…provided the slandered can get an attorney, and the judge doesn’t throw the case out as “frivolous” [which has become a catch-all excuse that really means the frivolous “discretion” granted judges to dismiss a case without a hearing].

Still, accountability may be about to make something of a comeback [provided our society survives the next few months; we are becoming more and more skeptical about that].  Polling suggests the public wants accountability, at least regarding Benghazi and the IRS targeting mess.

Guess we shall see what we shall see.


Accountability is central to our proposal regarding Fiscal Responsibility.  Please consider it.



September 17, 2011, Constitution Day: we begin another effort at blogging.  Previous efforts have ended unceremoniously for a variety of reasons; for the most part we simply have not found it appropriate to pretend that we had something of significance to say publicly each and every day, too easily then neglecting for too long, distracted by daily life rather than making such an effort a part of daily life.

This process may well be subjected to similar problems but should result in a different end: for this blogging has a new intent added to the old, one of being an exercise in and a marking of self discipline [do not expect perfection; we don't, though we will strive for minimal evidence of our imperfections].  A daily entry is a part of our objective: it may be as brief and seemingly dismissive as " Nothing today", "We, too, sometimes need a break: this is one of ours.", or " Have noted news; gathering thoughts", but we are committed to at least checking in each day, and ask readers consider doing likewise.  [Entries may or may not be keyed to or even linked to other parts of the site, but we will endeavor to minimize choppiness.]

Too often, we may go on too long.  We may try to cover too many bases, resulting momentarily in a light treatment of heavy material, but we believe longer treatments will be available elsewhere on or at least through this site.

One of our objectives is to not waste a visitors' time.  We don't mind even offending folk, if it is all honest and above-board; but we would be disappointed if, having visited, somebody left feeling they'd wasted their time [much as we don't mind somebody leaving our table not being uncomfortably full, but would feel badly if they left hungry despite their efforts to become at least reasonably satisfied].


That will have to do for today: life interrupts.


Addendum, October 4, 2011

Any post more than a week old will be subject to being moved from this page and archived. For the immediate future, the archive will be available on another page on the site.

Addendum, October 6, 2011

We will, from time to time, review and edit for typos et al, so that later readers may not be subjected to them.

Addendum, December 9, 2011

We have reorganized [again] so that the single most recent blog entry is readily available without having to mess with a slide bar much.  Recent entries will go to another page, eventually to archives, though those pages will be as we read, oldest first.  We hope this makes things easier for visitors.


Change is not sufficient; we need improvement.






(general) PLAN

Exercise integrity, and encourage others to do so: Support each other, and encourage others to do so;

Educate ourselves, and encourage others to do so; Use the term Usann, and encourage others to do so;

Resist tyranny, and encourage others to do so; Exercise authority over officials, and encourage others to do so;

And take the country back, one day, one moment, at a time.

Our goal is to follow the above plan in our lives and our business, thus being a part of returning our country, The United States of America, to the Republic it was envisioned and designed to be and The Great Experiment -- the Rule of Law -- brought to the world by the Founding Fathers.

We ask readers -- and others -- consider doing likewise.


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To the extent that you think reasonable

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and what it would cost you, in energy and money, to then make it and keep it available on the web --

we ask you consider contributing to our delinquency.