Interested in re-instating Constitutional government  -- peacefully --  in perhaps as little as 3 weeks, and at essentially no [financial] cost to the taxpayers?

This effort has been going on longer than we care to admit.
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A support argument:


We believe that a huge part of the discord in society [in TUSA  -- The United States of America] stems from having strayed from the Constitution: that remedy might then lie in returning to adherence to that miraculous document.  That, in turn, begs the question of “how”?  Not just how to get back to constitutional government, but contained in that, “what went wrong” and “how, and why, did it go wrong”?

The wisdom of The Founders has granted us guidance.   They knew that the nature of government is to expand and intrude; that’s why they set up the constitution as limiting not the individual but government; they set up a very limited government, and set in place safeguards to help keep it limited.  But they also warned about that natural inclination of government, with statements like it being designed for a people of integrity and insufficient to any other; and that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance; and even in Franklins’ response to a query of what government the convention had brought forth, “a Republic, if you can keep it”.  Even the keen observer a generation and more later, Alexis de Tocqueville, has been reported to have noted with some amazement the degree of interest in and knowledge of the constitution in what might be termed “the common folk” as opposed to just those most immediately involved [as one might expect in politicians].

So perhaps the first step here is a quick refresher course in The Constitution.  It just makes reasonable sense for us to try to be more or less all on the same page as a starting place.  So, right now, open another tab and select a copy of the constitution from the first few pages of results you get by putting “U.S. Constitution” in the address bar, and just read it.  It shouldn’t take a great deal of time for most people, certainly less than an hour…and if this stuff isn’t important enough to you to spend hour or so a few times to get the country back on track, then, IOO, you are a part of the problem [but can become part of the solution by simply investing the relatively small amount of time necessary to help set things right].  You don’t need to go spend money on the newest book by some alleged expert, or even go to a library to try to read all of such books “for free”; just read the original document yourself.  If you need any explanation or greater insight into the thoughts or intents in the document or of/from The Founders themselves, take on the reading of The Federalist Papers…a bigger read, but also available from a number of places on the web.  Don’t worry; we expect to still be right here when you get done.

O.K.  Now we can probably all readily see the truth in what one member of Congress said not so long ago: that most of what is done in Congress [and presumably, then, in government], is unconstitutional.

That is the key here.  For, many if not most “public officials”, certainly the elected ones, have taken an Oath, voluntarily and as part of assuming/accepting the job, to uphold and defend The Constitution…and then, perhaps almost immediately, started violating that Oath.  Perhaps because they didn’t really have much of an idea of the realities of the document they were swearing to uphold and defend, or with ill intent; either way, they were then violating the Oath that created a contract with the public.  In breaking the Oath, they broke the contract…the contract of their employment.

Since these “public servants” had voluntarily taken the Oath, and then they voluntarily broke the contract of employment they had thus created, these individuals have, at that point…quit.  [Think Reagan and air traffic controllers.]  Having quit the employment, such individuals have no authority to continue to use the facilities that go along with those jobs.  There is no legitimacy to their wielding whatever authority is included in those jobs.  No matter how well they might seem to be performing the duties of the job, they are not authorized to be doing those jobs after they’ve quit…and thus have no right to any paychecks or perks or fringe benefits…from the moment they first broke the contract.  And this is true at every level of government; for state and local officials and federal ones as well.

In the aggregate over time, many of such individuals have been committing a whole lot of felonies.

Those felonies make removal of such persons pretty simple: they can be arrested and jailed.  But remember; since they are, by their own actions, no longer in the employ of the public, these individuals can no longer have special access to the deep pockets of taxpayers for their “legal representation” and/or “defense”; they might be able to get a “public defender”, but anything more than that they will have to provide out of their own pockets rather than those of the taxpayers.  [That might be as big or even bigger a jolt to them as being arrested in the first place.]

But who could, and would, arrest?  Well, it would be folly to expect local or state law enforcement, most of whom are probably similarly in violation of their own Oaths, to take on the task of arresting, on such charges, their cronies in the same jurisdictions.  It would be difficult to get even the federal bureaucracy to move against the state and local offenders, even over the issue of “sanctuary”…on their own.

But a directive from the top, from the President, could set things in motion.  How to get the President to take that action is the purpose of the petition.  The process of this petition access through whitehouse.gov requires a response to a petition that gains the required number of signatures within the given time-frame; at this writing, the requirement is 100K signatures in 30 days.  In this electronic age, that really should not be a huge hurdle and, in fact, we’ve seen some petitions make the grade in a week or even less.  “Going viral”, we believe that it could conceivably be done in just a couple of hours…IFF “the people” could get past their own apathy and cynicism, taking just a few minutes to sign and then a few more minutes to encourage others to do likewise.  But to be really effective, more signatures and in a shorter period of time would be in order; say, a quarter of a million signatures in just a couple of days.  That kind of outpouring of sentiment from the public would put tremendous pressure on a “populist” President who often claims that he is listening to and acting in accord with the wishes, the expressed wishes, of the governed.  This would not just require a “response” from whitehouse.gov, but essentially force the President to act with a directive in accord with the petition; the political cost of not doing so would be catastrophic to himself and his party, and obviously so…provided.  Provided the action didn’t create more trouble than it cured.

It must now be acknowledged that there would certainly be some upheaval associated with large scale removal of persons classed, by reason of their having broken their employment contracts yet continuing to act largely as if they still held the positions, as pretenders.  The sheer volume could throw an awful lot of monkey wrenches into an awful lot of daily operations of an awful lot of people.

Fortunately, this can be fairly readily handled.  There are only a limited number of federal personnel who could be assigned to such removals, and like the highway cop going after a speeder, going after some of the worst offenders first can have a dramatic effect on a lot of other folk who might be misbehaving but cannot be caught all at the same time.  So go after the guys who used to be the Governors of California and New York first, walk ‘em in front of cameras in broad daylight to the nearest jail, and lock ‘em up; film at 11.  Grab up a few folk acting as if they still held position of Mayor of a few large cities; more film at 11.  Every day for a week or so, more and more; and more varied offices.

Then, with perhaps as many as a hundred or so people locked up across the nation, another directive from the President.  Issuance of a blanket Pardon.  To all who’ve been arrested and even to the perhaps thousands more who could fall into such a net, a blanket Pardon for those offenses to date…with a codicil echoing from long ago: “Go and sin no more”.  [Those having been arrested would also have to agree to not attempt any legal action, as for “damages” (or anything else) in any manner associated with the incident.]

All those locked up, and those who had not been caught up in that net but could have been, would then be free to return to the positions they once legitimately held and yet had essentially abandoned…even the Governors and Mayors and the like…eliminating any need for immediate new elections.   And there would be no need for “special Masters” or receiverships…though a few audits and some rewriting of statutes and ordinances would be appropriate.

That done, many if not most of the “public officials” would almost assuredly get the message that they must abide by The Constitution; that being a “public servant” is an Honor and a Privilege and carries the obligations as a public trust.  Surely, somebody would, and perhaps intentionally and perhaps remarkable soon after, violate again…at which point, an avalanche of unpleasant experience could befall, starting with incarceration similar to that through the Presidential directive but with little if any likelihood of Presidential Pardon to come.  After all, the admonition to “sin no more” would have been clearly given.

Oh, and please note: the federal officials to be assigned are already trained and on payroll, as are the staffs at the jails, so there is no time-delay to get this into motion, and no extra expense to taxpayers.

In this manner, a substantial move towards a return to Constitutional government can be achieved in perhaps as little as 3 weeks, at virtually no dollar cost to taxpayers and through only a very little time and effort by individuals  -- admittedly a large number but still a very small percentage of them --  acting in concert but independently.

So  -- please --  go sign the petition [from "Action Items" page], and encourage others to do likewise.


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