Interested in reducing, perhaps eliminating, major crimes against citizens of The USA and other legal residents in the country, by illegal aliens?

This effort has been going on longer than we care to admit.
This page last updated September 4, 2018

A support argument:


Each of our petitions is designed to provide a very specific end.  The process for each, and even some of the logic for each, however, is very much the same.  Each calls for a lot of independent action; no “organization” or “leaders”, and certainly no money…just a remarkably small bit of action, from each of a number of individuals.


This petition, our #3, is designed to seriously diminish if not entirely extinguish egregious misbehavior by persons not legally in the country.  Killing of our citizenry would be at the top of the list, but rape and robbery and assault and burglary and drug dealing and more are pretty serious as well and need to be at least reined in.  Every one of those crimes has human and societal costs that are beyond calculation; and they have simple financial costs as well.  Such incidents drain resources for law enforcement and courts and incarceration, with a lot of associated costs as well like those for medical care and even homeowners/renters insurance.  But are any of these costs things that citizens and taxpayers of this country should have to stand for?  And they are not insignificant costs.  It has been estimated that at least 15% of federal prisoners are persons illegally in the country.  That alone represents a chunk of money that could be spent on any number of other things…or even not taken from taxpayers in the first place.

The proposed action is all within current law as we understand it [we are not attorneys] or calls for very limited legislation that could be accomplished in very short order…IFF Congress was given a bit of motivation, such as the clearly specified desire of a significant part of the population [by way of signatures to the petition].

Some people believe that this should be a slam dunk; a no-brainer.  This writer cannot think of a good argument against the position, or against signing.  That suggests a pool of potential signers of some 200 million and more.  All that is needed then, for a response, is as little as one person in 2000 to sign  -- a task for an individual that would take about 3 minutes, little effort, and no money --  in a 30 day period.  Surely this population can put forward that much of an effort for an end to major crimes by persons illegally in the country in the first place.  In this day of instant communication, going viral on the web could conceivably more than meet the required number of signatures in…as little as 2 hours or less [through“The process” below]…IFF we care enough to make it happen.  And yes, there is a very good reason to try to get that kind of an avalanche of signatures; impact.  It is not only The White House that keeps an eye on this stuff.  Many legislators, probably more than a few think-tank sorts, and likely at least a few in the media, have a vested interest in knowing what is happening on such a front…which can then result in the effort having even more energy.


The process.  Do you know 10 people who have a recognized, clear, even immediate, interest in seeing this petition reach the number of signatures that assures a White House response?  Family, friends, co-workers, even stray/casual acquaintances?  Yes, you do.  Ask them to sign, and to take a few extra minutes to encourage the perhaps 10 other individuals that they know who also have a recognized, clear, even immediate, interest in this to sign also.  Today.

Ask them tomorrow how long it took them to sign.  And how they are coming with their goal of 10.  Then, the next day, ask how they are coming and what things they use for encouragement/persuasion and what things they find as resistance/objection/hesitancy.  If the overall goal has not been achieved within a week…ask again.  Be “on a mission”; a mission in which failure is not an option.

The suggested goal of 10 is just that; a suggested goal.  If any given individual can reach out to several hundred at once, more the better; if an individual can only get one or two, so be it [though perhaps they could put more time and effort into the project?].  A “conversion rate” of 50% on that suggested goal of 10, gone viral, could put nearly 400K signatures in place in just 8 generations: if done with urgency, each generation could be in fact completed in 15 minutes or less, providing that nearly 400K in just 2 hours…or less.  It is highly unlikely that either the number of signatures or the speed with which they accumulated, would go unnoticed.


The opening action clause of the petition, “We, the undersigned, demand that on felony conviction sentencing, a person not legally in the country, without regard to circumstance of entry, becomes immediately deportable to the country of origin” is, as we understand it, almost exactly as law reads already, save that it goes to sentencing rather than the deportability coming immediately on conviction.  It also removes a current complication, a potential for a point of contention over the circumstance in which an individual has reached the status of being illegally in the country.  The next part, “to serve the sentence in and at expense of that country” is the key that would almost assuredly serve as a deterrent to misbehavior since most other countries do not have particularly accommodating penal systems; in fact, many have conditions that most people in this country would see as barbaric.  That the country of origin would have to bear the incarceration costs of these individuals seems appropriate, as the legitimate population of The USA has already been victimized and should hardly have to pay for the privilege; and would serve to encourage those countries to ensure the integrity of their own borders, and good behavior on the part of any of their population that might “slip through”.  Inclusion of “that all “diplomatic” and economic “sanctions” can and shall be used to assure compliance” provides the government of The USA the tools necessary to carry out the reasonable and rational demand of its population.  and that countries involved in any way in return of such felons to the USA without prior official authorization from the government of the USA engage in acts of war in such complicity” clearly denotes the adamancy of The USA and sets forth a very specific cause and effect of failure on the part of other countries to acknowledge in a most real sense, the sovereignty of this country.  Countries of origin have, far too often and for far too long, taken positions that they would not accept the return of people who had come to The USA and then misbehaved in fashions that called for their return to those countries of origin.  Much of that has changed with the advent of the Trump administration, but there are still some holdouts, so there continues to be call for the last sentence, which again goes to deterring commission of crimes [beyond the illegally entering and/or staying in the country, and the crimes directly associated with that] by individuals not legally in The USA: “Persons not accepted by countries of origin are to have up to 60 days of incarceration here in which to find another country willing to harbor them; failing that, less kindly possibilities remain.


Unfortunately, the overall goal may not be achieved in this signature gathering window.  Fortunately, this is not the only chance to succeed.  When this window closes, if it does so without crossing the threshold to assure a White House response, the plan is to start anew, to open a new window.  If that is necessary, proponents can readily go back to the people they started with and then expand their reach; people who have signed once can do so even more readily than in the 3 minutes or so it took them the first time they did it; those who hesitated in any phase can take heart that this is a serious and worthwhile effort that will not just fade away but actually have an impact to better all our lives.

And if necessary, while this instigator can continue to make such things happen, yet another window will open.  Please make that unnecessary: get the signatures to reach beyond, even well beyond, the 100K threshold.

So  -- please --  go sign the petition [from "Action Items" page], and encourage others to do likewise.




(general) PLAN                                            

                Exercise integrity, and encourage others to do so: Support each other, and encourage others to do so;
               Educate ourselves, and encourage others to do so; Use the term Usann, and encourage others to do so;
               Resist tyranny, and encourage others to do so; Exercise authority over officials, and encourage others to do so;

       And take the country back, one day, one moment, at a time.

                 Our goal is to follow the above plan in our lives and our business, thus being a part of returning our country,
                The United States of America, to the Republic it was envisioned and designed to be and The Great Experiment 
                    -- the Rule of Law  --  brought to the world by the Founding Fathers.

We ask readers  -- and others --  consider doing likewise.