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July 19, 2017



Well, we promised to examine the petition we designed to end “sanctuary” and more.  Here then, is a much simplified bit of “examination” into what we think requires a great deal more time and space for a full examination than is available here…and which we believe could become a greater political event than even the election of Trump.

We require that US Attorneys, FBI, and Marshals remove from state & local government offices, individuals who have abandoned, by knowingly & intentionally abandoning &/or violating the Oath to uphold & defend the Constitution taken as a part of assuming the job, offices once legitimately held. Charges of fraud &/or theft are appropriate for those individuals having continued to act as if they still legitimately held the positions in question & for collecting pay for any period beyond the date of abandonment. New elections to be held as soon as possible.

All “official” actions of such miscreants to be held to strict scrutiny, even in fiscal matters that may then require “Special Masters” to effect what may amount to retroactive receivership.”



We set about this in large part because of the insanities of CA government: “sanctuary” cities, and “gunmageddon” in particular.  Jerry Brown and the State legislature aiding and abetting criminals and invaders to the point of trying to make the entire state have a “sanctuary” status just pushed us further.  But it also drove home the idea that this had to be approached from outside the “sphere of influence” of the clique of establishment politics in the local and state governments.  Hence, and certainly with the recent wrinkles of politicizing the entire structure of government and how that violates yet another provision of The US Constitution, we sought remedy through the federal government.


Since we first placed this petition, Jerry Brown of CA has become something of a poster-boy for the project: he flies in the face of the US Constitution with remarkable frequency…and would be our pick for the first to be subjected to a broad-daylight perp-walk for crimes associated with having abandoned the office he once legitimately held.  The bulk of the CA State Legislature could be marched alongside him.

Here’s the deal.  It is hard to imagine how anybody deemed “emancipated” and cogent could have missed the gyrations of a few years back between the federal government and AZ over questions of jurisdiction and authority regarding immigration: that belongs to the federal government and the federal government is not inclined to accept any interference.  That being the case, the assorted State and local officials who’ve created “sanctuary” situations have violated those Oaths noted in the petition [to uphold and defend The Constitution (of The United States of America)].  Pretty simple.

For precedent, one can look to the air traffic controllers who decided to take to the strike lines when Reagan was President.  There was a to-do but Reagan ultimately stated that, since each individual in that employ had signed a “no-strike” contract, they had quit the jobs…which seems simple logic.

In that same fashion, the first time a public official breaks the contract [to uphold and defend The Constitution of The United States of America] voluntarily created by each of those individuals in taking the Oath of Office as part of accepting the office.  They’ve quit.  Having quit, said individuals cease to have any authority to continue to use the facilities, to wield the Power/authority of the Office, or even to be paid for whatever work they might do…since they were no longer authorized to do it and were no longer in the positions: they had quit.

BTW, that needs to go back to not just the most recent incident, but to the first such instance in which the given individual broke the contract by violating the Oath.  For most, that could go back a bit.  And, of course, anything such individuals have done while criminally pretending to still hold those offices, must be at least put in suspension if not summarily and permanently vacated.

Since much of what has been done at least in theory may have been otherwise valid and have catastrophic consequences if summarily and permanently vacated, like budgets and contracts with private concerns that were operating in good faith, suspension could provide opportunity for a subsequent and authorized official [or body] to enact “enabling legislation” to essentially backfill as necessary.  Please note the term “necessary”.  Every single item that is to be made legitimate by such efforts must be as specific as possible and fully justified and explained rather than reinstated carte blanche.

This of course could keep Party hacks and “activists” of almost if not all stripes as busy as one-armed paper-hangers, in locating/determining and focusing on the earliest violations.  One subject area is certainly “sanctuary”; another is “gun control”.  Almost anything may be fair game.


One of the more interesting aspects of this strategy is that it does so much so simply.  It gets rid of a whole lot of people who are now and have been doing a lot of things that violate The Constitution.  It also gives direction to those who might follow, along with a strong admonition that The Constitution is to be heeded.  This in turn will likely reduce the size and scope of government, at all levels…and thus the expense of it…leaving then more resources for personal/private sector use [or, dare we suggest it, greater fiscal responsibility even to the point of paying down the national debt].  With the model in place regarding the state and local government, it is almost a surety to soon be applied to such individuals as federal legislators…and which of them could meet the standard?  New elections, in short order, across the board.


That might be a good thing.



We continue to petition to The White House in support for “Hierarchy of Law”, largely designed to keep UN & similar attempts against US sovereignty, as regarding arms and the Law of the Sea Treaty, from ever allowing the UN or others to dictate to the US, while still allowing the US to adopt positions in line with such.  Do you really want the UN telling us what to do about an invasion at our border, for example?


Please help this effort to protect US Sovereignty and The US Constitution.  More, here.  Or, take our word for it and immediately go to The White House site by way of our "Action Items" page to sign
[making use of the WhiteHouse.gov site ensures that nobody need leave any information here, potentially saves us a lot of work, and provides opportunity for visitors to also choose from a variety of other petitions that they may also wish to support...or not].

Let’s get this thing over the 100K signatures-in-30-days threshold for a response…in record time.

We need 100,000 signatures, and would rather have twice that  -- how about a half million?


We've a companion petition also accessible through the "Action Items" page with the objective of maintaining and even improving this petition access as a tool for responsive government [novel concept, huh?].  Signatures also requested for that one.





September 17, 2011, Constitution Day: we begin another effort at blogging.  Previous efforts have ended unceremoniously for a variety of reasons; for the most part we simply have not found it appropriate to pretend that we had something of significance to say publicly each and every day, too easily then neglecting for too long, distracted by daily life rather than making such an effort a part of daily life.

This process may well be subjected to similar problems but should result in a different end: for this blogging has a new intent added to the old, one of being an exercise in and a marking of self discipline [do not expect perfection; we don't, though we will strive for minimal evidence of our imperfections].  A daily entry is a part of our objective: it may be as brief and seemingly dismissive as " Nothing today", "We, too, sometimes need a break: this is one of ours.", or " Have noted news; gathering thoughts", but we are committed to at least checking in each day, and ask readers consider doing likewise.  [Entries may or may not be keyed to or even linked to other parts of the site, but we will endeavor to minimize choppiness.]

Too often, we may go on too long.  We may try to cover too many bases, resulting momentarily in a light treatment of heavy material, but we believe longer treatments will be available elsewhere on or at least through this site.

One of our objectives is to not waste a visitors' time.  We don't mind even offending folk, if it is all honest and above-board; but we would be disappointed if, having visited, somebody left feeling they'd wasted their time [much as we don't mind somebody leaving our table not being uncomfortably full, but would feel badly if they left hungry despite their efforts to become at least reasonably satisfied].


That will have to do for today: life interrupts.


Addendum, October 4, 2011

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Addendum, October 6, 2011

We will, from time to time, review and edit for typos et al, so that later readers may not be subjected to them.

Addendum, December 9, 2011

We have reorganized [again] so that the single most recent blog entry is readily available without having to mess with a slide bar much.  Recent entries will go to another page, eventually to archives, though those pages will be as we read, oldest first.  We hope this makes things easier for visitors.


Change is not sufficient; we need improvement.






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