The (general) PLAN                                            This effort has been going on longer than we care to admit, 
                                                                                                                                           on the web in one form or another since at least 2004.
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    Exercise integrity, and encourage others to do so: Support each other, and encourage others to do so;
    Educate ourselves, and encourage others to do so; Use the term Usann, and encourage others to do so;
    Resist tyranny, and encourage others to do so; Exercise authority over officials, and encourage others to do so;

And take the country back, one day, one moment, at a time.
  Our goal is to follow the above plan in our lives and our business, thus being a part of returning our country, The United States of America, to the Republic it was envisioned and designed to be and The Great Experiment  -- the Rule of Law  --  brought to the world by the Founding Fathers.

We ask readers  -- and others --  consider doing likewise.


Added July 31, 2012  to usann.us, this was initially "part 1" of the "Minds Only Alert".  While a bit dated largely by reason of some of the numbers used, we brought it here without additional update [it was updated in this version from one even earlier: the scorecard was actually developed about 20 years ago when we supported Perot/Stockdale (the Admiral was the best of the bunch)] to demonstrate how little things have changed over time.

If anybody out there knows what has happened to my county and where it has gone…

Please (help) bring it back!


The short-and-not-so-sweet version:

Vote Every Tax-sucker Out!

If the people of The United States of America want some integrity from government, that same people must exercise integrity -- do the right thing, what need be done even if it is not easy or comfortable -- in the voting booth. No matter party affiliations, of candidate or of voter, virtually every incumbent running for re-election -- and at every level of government, though here we address particularly the federal legislature -- should be sent packing, for the long-term good of the country. Despite general dissatisfaction with Congress -- polling currently indicates only some 13% of people are happy with the job Congress is doing - we still typically insist that it is not the fault of our Congress critter, and re-elect 90-95% of running incumbents. But, it is their responsibility: it is our responsibility to fire the incumbents.

Harsh? Perhaps at first blush, but perhaps better characterized as "too kind" after due consideration.

The Truth is that the incumbents have already clearly demonstrated that they cannot or will not do the jobs for which they've volunteered, even worked hard to get…and for which they have been well paid. OK, so maybe $165,000 a year isn't a huge sum by such measures as what they think they could make in the private sector (For anybody other than a lobbyist: would you hire one of these people to work in your own service or manufacturing business?), but it is a huge amount of money in comparison to the national average of about $30,000 and even more when considered in light of the fact that Congress is on track to be in session for only 100 days this year (most folk work about 250). Of course, if in session more days, perhaps they could have completed the budget for the fiscal year that started just after the members chose to recess to seek re-election. Or, maybe they could get the helmets on the heads of those serving in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan upgraded the way they would want them if the Congress-Cretans were wearing those helmets. Yet, after four years of “conflict” or war or whatever one chooses to call it; the troops remain unreasonably UNprotected (more on that later – stay with us for now).

A Congress-Cretan that can justify both of those things -- and from1perspective there can be no reasonable justification -- may have an argument suggesting re-election: otherwise they should simply slink off into the woods and hide in shame; for each of the 435 seats in The House and the 33 in The Senate.

Fire the lot of them for incompetence if not criminal malfeasance.

OK, aside from the rant, here's a tool to help. It is intended only to make it easier for people to stay true to their own inclinations a little more readily than when under the endless bombardment of political advertising (and editorializing often masquerading as “reporting”).

Feel free to cut-and-paste the grid including the copyright notice, use it, and even pass it around to the extent people think you're on a Crusade (that would be a bad thing?). The copyright is there only to keep it free -- nobody should be charging for it.

This tool is just a simple graphing. We don't mind, and in fact encourage, people to copy this for their own use, or even to make extra copies to distribute FREE (we also believe that, even as simple as it is, if any commercial use is to be made of it, we should be the financial beneficiary). But it could serve as a helpful offset to the undue influence of the most recently experienced never-mind-the-issues name-familiarity/sound-bite onslaught.

Here you go (using your own issues and grading scale):


Candidate A

Candidate B

Candidate C

Private/Biz Success

Gov't Experience


Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3
Issue 4

Much as incumbents (and those supported by incumbents) should not be elected, much the same process needs to be applied to ballot measures: whether propositions or initiatives or referenda, in almost every case these are placed on the ballot and designed by Special Interests, by definition not looking out for everybody but for the Special Interest. And that is not what should be being done by governments that theoretically are to care for the general interest. The best example is “The Bond Measure”. Almost always these atrocities are Christmas-tree abominations that are a collection of goodies for this special interest and that special interest until enough constituencies can be gathered to get enough votes to pass... but not one of which could stand on its own. And if it cannot stand on its own, again, government for the general good should (generally) not be doing it.

Ultimately those ballot measures and the like are simply responses to legislative failures. So voters need to send this junk back to those elected to do the job in the first place and insist that the job be done for the general good, in the legislature. That is what the jobs are for and why people get paid to do them. And if the people hired are not doing the job, then they need to be fired, or at least given better training which, in this case, means getting them OUT!

Now, a much more considerate (the right?) way -- at least from1perspective -- to go about asking consideration in voting that could in fact be a bloodless revolution returning the country to the wondrous concept(s) of The Great Experiment. (If we are not careful, the Web may make us Free.)

Yes, this comes from a flag-waving former Marine who likes to think of himself as a Patriot.

Yes, we think this country is in serious trouble on a number of fronts, and we're not talking just military fronts like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yes, we believe we can do something about it. And you can. And if -- and only if -- enough of us do something about it, we can still pull this chestnut out of the fire even in the election of 2006.

Incredibly, the entrenched parties are actually proving that it is possible. The Foley Flap in Florida (not trying to diminish the particulars, but here we are trying to look at a different facet of the “less than laudable” aspects of members of Congress) required the GOP to come up with a replacement at the last minute, and that write-in candidate is polling as the likely winner in just a matter of weeks. Well, it was demonstrated years ago that almost everybody in the world could be reached in about a twelfth generation of email, which can conceivably take place in minutes, certainly within a few hours, so dramatic change is possible. (More on that in a few moments. )

Thanks for reading this far. And if you want to settle for the free stuff and not even consider what else may be here -- this being ultimately an introduction to a kindred commercial effort espousing a philosophy we hope may generate something akin to “a movement”-- that's OK: if we've done our part properly, you will be the better for what you can get here for free, and that will eventually improve our world.

But we ask you stick around long enough to do a bit more reading, getting an inkling of the mind set and philosophy, and, we hope, piquing your interest.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED TO VOTE. You can always choose to not vote later, but it can readily get too late to register. (In most states, time for that has already run out for this election but do it now anyway so there won't be any question about it next time.) We hope you will legally vote, in a thoughtful manner, but we also believe in FREEdom enough to want you to not be required to: FREE to choose. (Yes, not voting is hardly a viable option in some places; you are fined for not voting! On the other hand, an election over the question of whether Quebec should remain a part of Canada or become a separate nation not so long ago saw something like 98% of eligible voters getting to the polls: in this country, anything more than about 50% is considered a large turnout.)

Of course, the immediate point is to better enable people to examine the choices logically within the context of their own priorities. There are any number of things that might well fit into the “choice of issues” section on the above grid for almost every individual,: we are taking the liberty of discussing a couple we think are relevant to most (if not all) voters to some degree in deliberations about picking representation in Congress. We feel they are of significance, and so have included them as examples, not dictates. Please follow your own lights -- though we wouldn't mind if you considered what we've supplied (completely disregard ‘em if that's appropriate to your beliefs -- we just hope you'll consider them rather than simply dismissing them out of hand).

Now, we believe that, as a rule, comparing apples to apples on fewer than three questions may indicate a closed mind, and looking too carefully at more than a half-dozen or so may become too unwieldy and time-consuming for most folk to then follow through. Our own prejudices readily supplied two questions we feel could actually be sufficient in almost every race for a seat in Congress this time, though: some things really do carry an awful lot of weight. WARNING; considering ourselves to be more-or-less social liberals and fiscal conservatives, we tend to find ourselves among the “a pox on both (all) your houses” crowd -- and the proof that the numbers certainly could reach the proportions of a rather large crowd lies in the Ross Perot phenomena that took place while Clinton was running his first successful race for the White House.

The issues seen from1perspective to be so overpoweringly heavy in the election of 2006 may well have been kept far enough out of the limelight by The (political and media) Powers That Be so as to not even have shown up on the radar for a lot of people. Our most immediate concerns are entirely nonpartisan: the Budget (lack thereof, and that hidden) and Helmets.

Specifically, no matter how one feels about the war in Iraq, simple fiscal realities almost require that personnel sent into combat should be supplied with the very best equipment we can provide.

But the very existence of Operation-helmet.org (an address but not an active link because we ask you go a bit further in this discussion before exploring it if you haven't yet and choose to do so: yes, we highly recommend it -- later) is proof that something here is very wrong. That organization, consisting almost entirely of one retired Navy doctor for whom sainthood may be in the offing, exists solely to provide retro-fit kits for helmets (costing about $100 each) that can reduce the severity and sometimes even prevent, some of the most common -- and debilitating -- of injuries being suffered by U.S. troops (that can require $250,000 in care . . . for survivors). In fact, the kits are approved by the hierarchy, the Army has taken delivery of something like 900,000 at this writing, and allegedly they are “in the pipeline”.

Unfortunately, some “detail” apparently got lost in the shuffle: along with the time-lag for the Army to get the kits to its personnel, a very large portion of the Marines, their Corpsmen, and even Air Force personnel in that theater of war don't have them. And Operation-helmet.org is getting these things to the troops in a remarkably short time (within perhaps just a couple of weeks, when the money is there) compared to the six months or more expected for official channels to protect those on whom we depend for protection.

With apologies, some relevant numbers:

* If the Army didn't have any of the 900,000 [that's about six for every GI in Iraq and Afghanistan] that have been delivered to it, it would take about $10 million to retro-fit one helmet for every single one of those GIs (turns out U.S. armed forces use different kinds of helmets, and kits for some are about $100 each and for others only about $71).

* A member of Congress noted that the latest appropriation for the Defense Department -- 4 years into this war and by way of a “continuing resolution” -- amounted to something like…$11 million an hour.

* The amount of money declared as “charitable contributions” on the most recently released tax returns for the President and his wife, and the VP and his wife, reportedly totaled…$10 million.

So, let incumbents defend that, and challengers defend themselves on the same question.

A closely related issue has to do with that “continuing resolution” just mentioned. That is the device used by Congress to keep the federal government from shutting down because Congress hasn't managed to get the budget in place prior to the beginning of the new fiscal year (as it has on rare occasion, bringing considerable dismay to a whole lot of the governed).

Once again Congress has recessed in order to campaign to be re-hired, i.e., re-elected, at several times the national “average” remuneration (pay plus goodies), for jobs they've demonstrated they either cannot or will not do (proven in the lack of budget: it's not like they didn't know it was coming due). And the suggestion that they didn't have time to get the budget done won't hold water any more than a glass that doesn't exist: they did other things, though it would be difficult to argue that any significant number of those other things were of greater importance to the nation than was the budget; they had a whole year; and if that isn't enough time they might as well quit before they get any further behind; and somehow there was time to create and pass the continuing resolutions. Then again and as noted earlier, if they'd managed to be in session for something more than 100 or so days, there might have been more time available for the effort.

Still, that is only two things to consider, and our own standard looks for at least three. Well, if those two don't carry enough weight, The (political and media) Powers That Be have offered up The Foley Flap. This seemingly frivolous moniker is actually intended to demonstrate how horror is soft-peddled today (Hmmm; Halloween, as a major “season”, certainly a four-day holiday?) and how much may be lurking under the surface. In this particular case, aside from the homosexual and pedophilia aspects there are some ugly and even Constitutional questions about this being investigated by The House Ethics Committee rather than the cops (a bit telling in itself: it seems, from1perspective , that a real understanding of ethics would have The House re-cusing itself [“bowing out”] at the earliest opportunity).

And then the Conspiracy-theorist bone started acting up. After all, it's possible, from1perspective as the clamor was above the fold in the newspaper, that Republicans could kick up some serious dust about yet another scandal of some sort on the part of the Democrats before the election. But then more folk might be inclined to be in that “a pox on both (all) your houses” crowd. So is it just possible that The Foley Flap is convenient as smoke-screen for the kind of issues that really are ( from1perspective ) significant. The downside for Republicans may be that Democrats “take control” of the legislature…for the last two years of a lame-duck Republican administration (one that has no heir-apparent), which could well be to Republican advantage. And while the smoke-screen might give the Democrats a small and regulated (that Republican lame duck has veto power and will never again have to face an election) short-term “advantage”, without the smoke-screen the voting public might just decide to send ‘em all packing! And if the voting public proved to itself that it could at least reverse the standard proportion of re-electing roughly 90-95% of running incumbents just once, i.e., tossing out 90-95% of running incumbents, it could serve for all time as proof that it could happen again: once elected would no longer essentially mean keeping the job as long as you want it unless you get publicly caught doing something unusually ghastly.

And then a sour-grapes Senator from the Democrat Party who's been making his living at this sort of thing for some three decades shows how much respect he has for his own message and his audience through such poor preparation that he allegedly butchered his own (bad) joke…for which he absolutely would not apologize -- until the next day?

Now, from1perspective , it has long been a general rule: here it is believed that without significant evidence to the contrary, of both personal and at-large natures, and without regard to political party, incumbents should not be re-elected. (This is not an absolute; just a general rule.)

As proof of generalities having exception, we offer that it has been reported that there is one member of Congress seeking re-election who may be one of those exceptions. And for the very reason that he might be most suited to be re-elected; he faces a tougher race since he is (reportedly) not available to campaign in a political sense; he is apparently campaigning in absentia while serving as a 2nd. Lt. in Iraq!

Enough, already! Too much stuff and it's taken too long to write and to read, having become something akin to an initial installment in a blog. There is to be more. And we're looking into having some other FREE stuff, hoping to bribe you to come back and see what else shows up in rant.

Finally, PLEASE: pass the word. We ask that you please email five (or more, if you can, reasonably) other people and suggest they visit this site and consider carefully what is here. Remember the earlier comments about generations of email? Well, PLEASE, at least consider doing it, and doing it NOW – time is short.

And figure also to come back just before going to the polls to see what might have been added, though we do not expect to impose on your time a great deal after this election.

OK, time to email five and then go to Operation-helmet.org, doing as you find appropriate there. After you have visited that site, feel free to return. A link to part two of this document is at the top right hand side of this page. I thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope that you will take the time also to make a difference for the betterment of the future of this country and our children.

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(general) PLAN                                         
    Exercise integrity, and encourage others to do so: Support each other, and encourage others to do so;
    Educate ourselves, and encourage others to do so; Use the term Usann, and encourage others to do so;
    Resist tyranny, and encourage others to do so; Exercise authority over officials, and encourage others to do so;

And take the country back, one day, one moment, at a time.

Our goal is to follow the above plan in our lives and our business, thus being a part of returning our country, The United States of America, to the Republic it was envisioned and designed to be and The Great Experiment  -- the Rule of Law  --  brought to the world by the Founding Fathers.

We ask readers  -- and others --  consider doing likewise.


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