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March 1, 2017



We were a lot closer than we felt we had right to expect last night; and, like most of the reviews we’ve heard, IOO Trump gave a fine performance of a fine speech.

Particularly the part involving the widow of the Special Ops guy.  Not that the surviving loved ones of the LEOs murdered by a criminal invader are suffering a lesser loss.  But this one person so obviously was in such pain  -- and while Trump led he did not do it all by himself --  and she was provided such human kindness and moral support, that seemed to help her do a little healing even before the eyes of all that were able to see.

There may actually be Hope.

Trump will be hard pressed to deliver on his message.  But it was a fine start.  Better than, yet in some ways similar to, even his victory speech on Election night.

He is, however, still a loose cannon.  This still promises to be quite a ride.




March 3, 2017
We've taken the day to other pursuits and to similar pursuits in other venues and therefore just check in, leaving the previous entry in place.
2, 2017



While we suspect we have not been the only ones suggesting such a change, we are nonetheless somewhat gratified to have heard Trump get the obligatory closing line right today: “May God continue to bless The United States of America”.

On the other hand, we are not favorably impressed by his use of the fact that the Navy is smaller than it’s been since WWI as if that had, by itself, some particular import.  No perspective provided.  Trump might call that “sad”.


Sessions did the right thing in recusing.  He did a remarkable job in it in not having specified how many folk “from the other side” had cause to recuse themselves over the last several years but had not done so.  Makes it pretty clear who carries the Honor on this one.  Kudos, sir.


We expect major unwarranted attacks to begin against Carson and Perry…on Monday; they might get lost in a Friday dump but a Monday assault can carry through the week.




March 5, 2017
There being a birthday here today, we take the day away...leaving the previous entry in place as is our custom when not bringing something new.
4, 2017



Thought these might be of interest.



We saw an indication of a possibility that some action may actually be taken to follow this out.

Considering the recent tactics employed by certain “political interests”, we are not at all sure that the chances for everything coming apart are actually diminishing; perhaps we’ve just been witnessing a calm before a storm?


March 6, 2017



Wow.  Enough easy targets coming just out of The White House to make one think a D is in charge.


Rs continue to demonstrate that Ds have no exclusive contract for use of the circular firing squad technique of how to go about ruining a country.


Example: the new travel ban that isn’t.  Really.  It isn’t a ban.  It is a restriction.  But this one is little better than the last.

#1           Implements over time.  The reason given for not allowing time in the last one was to not telegraph the punch.  That the rollout does not negate the validity of the argument that it is generally unwise to telegraph the punches.  It only means rolling out something half-baked is not a good move.

#2           One country has been dropped from the list.  Fresh meat for detractors who will no doubt insist that this proves the list was wrong.  In this, the detractors are correct: the list was wrong.  Not because of the countries on the list, but because there was a list.  Every country needs to be on the list, and therefore there is no need for a list…and no way for anybody to claim it isn’t “fair”.  Would it gum up the works a bit?  Sure.  But is it a good idea to leave a backdoor open to a terrorist because he’s been keeping a relatively low profile in a country in Europe that he invaded a year or two ago so he is coming from Europe rather than a country on “the list”?  The kinks could be worked out…largely by proving that some countries do a much better job of providing what is needed for vetting.

#3           Refugees.  Looks to us like somebody trying to recreate an “original form” by putting together ends created by some fool whacking away at a Gordian Knot with a scimitar.  Bad enough to start with, somebody makes a huge mess of it, and then thinks a lifetime supply of super glue will automatically and all by itself put Humpty Dumpty together again…and properly.  All the good intentions in the world will not be of much help if even one successful bad guy gets in due to laxity.


Don’t even ask right now about ObamaCare, the national debt/deficit spending, or “tax reform”.


March 8, 2017

We have apparently overburdened the capacities for this site-builder and are now suddenly subject to essentially incapacitating "technical difficulties" that will require our making some major changes before the bleeping thing can handle new material. With luck [and work] we will be able to remedy this situation on the morrow. For now, our prepared remarks must remain elsewhere; we leave the previous entry in place.


March 7, 2017

Congress has come down with a ghastly malady: curing ObamaCare.

And like most of us today in this country, Congress wants a simple one-time dose of a single medicine that will take effect immediately and permanently with a guarantee of no relapses or recurrences and no unwanted side-effects.

And like most of us today in this country suffering from one malady or another, Congress has done this to itself [as well as the rest of us] and will be sadly disappointed. In being sadly disappointed, Congress will also be sadly disappointing.

Like with Trump and negotiations, when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. For Congress, everything looks like a need for more legislation and regulation, i.e., greater government involvement…aka intrusion.

But what may be called for is just the opposite. The very fact that the immense intrusion of so much legislation and regulation known as ObamaCare has not worked as sold, suggests that it may well have simply been the wrong approach.

Just as the complaint of too much and too great a disparity in income inequality is being met by a “tax reform” of fewer brackets rather than the logical response of more brackets, the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare is flying directly in the face of logic. It seems like FDIC writ large.

FDIC? How did we get there?

FDIC is the “insurance” program that guarantees accounts in banks. That may or may not be a good idea but it is simply done poorly. The amount “insured” per depositor is staggering in comparison to the “average” or “typical” account; when checked many years ago, the “insurance”, mandated and per depositor, was if memory serves, something more than 10 times the typical amount on deposit…and then, in large part apparently due to the savings and loan disaster of’86-95, it was raised. The insurance, still mandatory and per depositor (save the gaming of the system; funny how there are always assorted loopholes in almost everything government does “for the people [at large]”), is now $250K…or multiples of that by use of “categories” and the like…per bank. This in an age when a huge portion of the population has no bank account at all, and the typical account holder might have less than $10K. If a government mandated insurance program is to make any sense, then to encourage savings and liquidity for individuals who are in fact most susceptible to catastrophic damage from such a loss, then a limit of something more than “average”, up to perhaps twice, even thrice, the typical amount; but the current relationship protects the relatively financially strong at the expense of the relatively weak [and the very strong are not likely at much risk of this nature in the first place]. Note: “To determine your deposit insurance coverage or ask any other specific deposit insurance questions, call 1-877-ASK-FDIC (1-877-275-3342).”

So it is with healthcare. Congress created more intrusion [its only tool] rather than correcting the gaming of health care insurance that was intentionally and largely recognized as a tax dodge in WWII [letting employers “provide” “health insurance” to employees as a part of their compensation but not subject to taxation]. It might have tried correction by taxing “fringe benefits” at the value [not proceeds] provided, probably doing so over time (a simple solution), in concert perhaps with an umbrella “policy” for catastrophic events [cancer or the like, that often goes to multiples of annual average earnings, to prevent “medical bankruptcy”, much as the federal government has a "flood insurance” program for catastrophe outside the norms of “homeowners insurance” [though reworking of all that might be in order], Congress decided to opt for more legislation and regulation and intrusion. Knowing that sunlight is a great disinfectant, Congress compounded the contaminants by hiding the proposal from legitimate examination by those who would “benefit” [the public] and those who would bear the cost [ratepayers and taxpayers and employers and providers], essentially passing it in the dark of night. Even the process was fouled, with backroom deals and assorted other hogwash and duplicity.

Repeal is actually simple: just do it. Pass a simple and straightforward repeal of ACA in its entirety, effective on effective date of replacement that includes specifics including dates certain of unwinding/downscaling the assorted entanglements provided/required in ACA, that replacement legislation to be provided by the federal government [i.e., passed by Congress and signed by President or Congressional override in case of Presidential veto] not later than [insert date certain] or without replacement by [insert a date certain]. Then, live with it.

The country has elected certain individuals who sought the positions to do the work, within the context of doing the work to the benefit of and in accord with the wishes of that electorate.

Consistent with much of the mindset that put Trump in The White House: let’s get on with it, and live with the results, modifying as we go within
the predetermined constructs.



March 9, 2017

We were able to make some headway on the "technical difficulties" front but it seems there will be considerably more to do: please bear with us.
There has been considerable noise from “The Right” about watching carefully the language used by Obama & Co in denying involvement in wiretapping of Trump and campaign. They have a point.

We strongly suggest similar critical thinking exercises in considering the language provided by “The Right” in promotion of the ObamaCare replacement; any [every?] ObamaCare replacement.

We are not inclined favorably to propaganda from either side, or to obfuscation from either side, to the parsing of words from either side.

We haven’t yet taken the time to examine the bill being promoted…in part because we figure it will change, probably significantly, before being put forward for a vote. We cannot help but wonder if the version to be voted on will actually be available to the public for a few days before the scheduled vote takes place…as each side has suggested is appropriate, even necessary, when a bill was being offered…by the other side.




March 10, 2017



It seems now well publicized that the 101st Airborne has now become the dictionary example of “a paper tiger”, constituting little beyond ciphers in a journal in terms of fighting ability.

We have two questions.  First, beyond the glib “budget cuts/sequester” and into a real-world military, how the Sam Hill did that ever come about?  Second: why on God’s green earth does anybody know this outside of a classified situation?



Wow.  Marines have boots on the ground in Syria.

From “our” Marine:

“IMO, not enough Marines, and long overdue.  Would like most of my beloved Corps told to inform family and close associates having “a need to know” to “keep it under your hat” that they'd be "out of touch” for “a while”, then put in the air with all of their “toys”, told only when airborne that this was a classified mission: they are never to tell anybody anything more about it than the campaign ribbon and perhaps device on said ribbon, designating a confirmed kill, was earned.  Objective: remove ISIS, permanently and with extreme prejudice, with minimum casualties to our own.  Rules of engagement: if you feel comfortable putting it at your back, do so, and if not, kill it.  Duration: want to be home for the weekend.

Question of “collateral damage”.  Word to be spread by every practical and reasonable means that the objective is to ensure destruction of ISIS and that there will be no opportunity for “vetting” of persons in company of ISIS who may or may not be “innocent”.  Rules of engagement previously noted apply.  That means being around the bad guys that are being killed will get you killed along with them.  That in turn means you fight for your life as you have nothing to lose: fighting you have a chance, not fighting you die.  That leads to more trouble for the bad guys.”





March 11, 2017



We just don’t know what is the best course when we see something like this:


Is it better to laugh?  Or to cry?

The article noises over terminology…and then goes into insisting that the redundancy of “legal immigration” makes sense.  It goes on about “American”, totally oblivious to the idea that there are some 3 dozen nations in The Americas and the peoples of each of those nations are “American”.


Sometimes we wonder why we bother with trying to save the world from itself.  The body politic, and both the economic and social structure as well, is apparently suffering from a series of auto-immune diseases and headed into “Idiocracy”.



March 13, 2017
We have taken the day to other pursuits and so leave the previous entry in place.
March 12
, 2017



Noticed again comment regarding Trump and insanity and 25th Amendment on one of the Sunday talk shows.  Interesting.

For those with an interest in such things, we recommend at least the free sample of “A 25th Amendment Revolution” by our own OEuclidean, available from the omni-present etailer [link on “Action Items” page; we intentionally do not provide the link directly but require the one additional click to maintain our standard of “no ads, nothing for sale”].

We find the interest in the 25th fascinating, as it could barely get notice in the last several years when the other side was in Power; now they want it exercised.

We also think it best to acknowledge that there is often a very thin line between genius and insanity that can be difficult to locate specifically; a lot may depend on from what angle the situation is viewed, and at what distance, with what lighting and perhaps other influences such as perhaps a window…and the dirt that might be on such a window.



March 14, 2017



Wow.  All the noise about ACA &/or repeal/replace.  Virtually all of which revolves around questions of “cost”.

Yet nobody seems to mention that the “cost” goes into somebodys’ pocket; we like to think that for the most part it gets there deservedly, as in wages for doctors and nurses and the support staff, rather than for rip-off artists of assorted flavors (of which there are altogether too many).

Nobody makes note that the only way to decrease costs is to either deliver less care or less quality in it or reduce the return to those involved or some combination of such things…or do things more efficiently.

That last is not likely to be very popular with talking heads.  Somebody might start asking questions.

Government is not particularly well known for doing things efficiently.  For example, all the monies that went into creating ObamaCare.  And all the people now hired for the project…who, of course, as government employees, will be almost impossible to fire, for any reason.

All those monies have to come from somewhere.  Yep.   All the new layers of regulation and bureaucracy increase overall costs.

So why are all the talking heads noising about “lowering costs”, whether in ACA or in repeal/replace?  Did anybody really believe that increasing the numbers of people getting care by about 10% was going to decrease costs?  Even without all the new bureaucracy?

Cleaning up this mess is going to almost assuredly become very ugly.  We don’t think it has to go there; just that it will.

A perfect proof of the auto-immune disease of society, and for the concept that “the government which governs best, governs least”.



March 15, 2017



Beware the Ides of March.


Trump noisy.  Huff & Puff.  Question of persons illegally in the country?  This guy likes using Executive Orders about as much as the last one did.  So, using much the same argument from statute that he uses to support the EO that was to replace the last one on the subject, both of which have been halted in Court, he could go through “diplomatic channels” to bring about what we’ve been suggesting for many years and posting in petitions for the last two.  Check out the material by way of our “Action Items” page so you don’t have to be subjected to the usual junk associated with other websites…and then sign on if you think it [the petition on “Illegal Alien Felons”] a good idea.


Then, for good measure and from that same “Action Items” page [but this one will have to have you go off our site], read the free sample of “A 25th Amendment Revolution” by our OEuclidean.  Even Trump might be surprised with what could be in the future should he “push the envelope”.


Storm clouds gathering on questions of budget and debt again.  Don’t expect much viable action: Congress and the rest have pretty much locked themselves into a rut.  The rules could change significantly IF you want them to badly enough.  More on that later.




March 16, 2017



Debt ceiling.  It will get done, somehow, in some semblance of timeliness that will keep whatever faith still exists in it from deteriorating further.  We’ve had a cure for this particular mess for over 30 years and intend to have OEuclidean put it up on that major eTailer in the near future.  Despite this repetitive Continuing Resolution situation and the gamesmanship/brinksmanship of other games to pretend things had been done properly, the cumulative debt and need for TWO budgets through Congress this year and, just for fun, the Fed raising interest rates…we doubt our fondest hopes of making a fortune off it because so many people finally “get it” about the fiscal disaster that is called “The Federal Government”, will be realized.


Some new stuff on budget, from Trump.  Seems geared to getting attention, possibly setting an impossible position in order to encourage “cooperation” to a “fallback” that is actually what he’s after: he is, after all, a negotiator with apparently only that one hammer.  We think dominoes might work better, at least in some ways for some things.

We’d sure like him  -- and as many other people as possible, perhaps a few hundred thousand? --  to read “A 25th Amendment Revolution” by OEuclidean [see “Action Items” page for a link to eTailer…which provides a “free sample”] and demonstrate some willingness to “overturn tables” on this and other issues.




March 17, 2017



Happy St. Pattys' Day.

The blarney has gotten to new heights in DC.  Now when the big stuff about money and wealth [budget, debt ceiling, etc] comes along as it does per schedules they manipulate if not set, they not only perform the same old dance routines of rearranging the deck chairs on The Titanic pretending to actually do something of positive value, now they brag about the tired choreography as being of great consequence.

Well, it is of great consequence.  The problem lies not just in the facade and the arrogance and bragging, but even more in the question of "positive value".  Not even close.




March 18, 2017



This might be a good time for a “change-up”.

Please take a moment to consider what percentage of your income leaves you as taxes, and what your time is worth.  We suggest using dollars as a measure, if only for convenience.  Use the percentage of your income that leaves as taxes, divided by two on the premise that perhaps half of it is reasonable/legitimate, and divide the result by what you think your time is worth [probably using your hourly wage or an approximation].

The purpose of the arithmetic exercise is to provide an idea of how much time and energy might be appropriate for you to expend in ensuring those you employ (with some of those tax dollars) are provided “guidance” [phone calls, emails, letters to editors, et al] in the use of that portion of your income that leaves you as taxes…at least the half that might be construed as questionable.




March 19, 2017



We disagree with the “sanctuary” provided at least some of the people illegally in the country, who we see as “criminals and/or invaders”, by some governmental jurisdictions.  We have made no secret of that.

We have made no secret of what we think would be the best solution to this particular thing that we see as “a problem”.

That solution, however, is apparently not favored by the Administration: it gets no play that we are aware of with any major talking head.

Since the course we find appropriate is simple, inexpensive, and holds promise of being exceptionally effective in remarkably short order, that begs a question: why?  Why is this not being done?

We think we may have figured not only an answer to that question, but “the” answer to that question…and it ain’t pretty.




March 20, 2017



IOO, Sen. Gillibrand owes Commandant of The Marine Corps [4 star] General Neller, apology for berating over question of who is being clobbered for the photo-nonsense, noting her complaint of 2013.  But even Nellers’ predecessor had not assumed command of The Corps at that time.  Neller has been at the helm just about 18 mos; his predecessor was approved for advancement to Chief of Joint Chiefs at that time, and we do not recall Gillibrand, or anybody else, raising much of a stink over this mess then, or even when the predecessor had become Commandant about a year earlier.


What if Gillibrand, instead of her grandstanding huff, had asked what Neller needed to fix the mess?  And offered to give him updates on meeting those needs every week while asking he respond similarly with progress reports on the fix, until both suggest that a two week interval would be sufficient?

Listen up: if you count not just the current complement of Marines on active duty, but every individual who has ever earned The Title “United States Marine” and is still breathing, it comes to [substantially] less than 1% of the population.  Marines are a whole different breed of cat.  We do not suggest that Gillibrand or her ilk need become Marines; frankly, even if it were possible and we doubt that, just as they might not like the idea, The Corps might not exactly be thrilled either.  But to think the 99% and more who really have no idea what they are talking about should tell The Corps how to operate ad nausea, is impractical to the point of absurdum.  We are not alone in this belief: http://www.marinepatriotblog.com/marine-corps-scandal-truth-culture/          

Let Gillibrand and the like go “to the field” with Marines for just 72 hours; if they survive, perhaps they may have something to say on the subject…but possibly with some valid perspective.  [Remember Barbara Boxer dressing down a General for his being polite, on the pretext of how hard she’d worked for her “title” of “Senator”?  Just how would that compare to how hard the General had worked to get his?  IOO, the General had to earn his; the Senator was given hers (by the electorate)].





March 21, 2017



Rockville, MD: many of the myriad aspects of the impacts of persons illegally in the country come into high focus.

We do not pretend that a huge outcry evidenced in an avalanche of signatures to our petition regarding illegal alien felons [see “Action Items” page] will necessarily, let alone immediately, make a major change in the numbers of such people in this country.  We do, however, strongly believe that an avalanche of signatures, going well beyond the threshold for response, would get a response that would cause the population of persons illegally in the country to become the most low-key and otherwise best-behaved individuals, almost across the board, anywhere on the planet.

We also think Trump has no excuse to not act in accord with wishes expressed by a huge signing: surely if he believes he has the Power to use an Executive Order for the Travel Restrictions, surely the same statute would suffice to follow through on the obvious intents of that petition...even those now in the penal system or approaching it and who committed the crimes for which they would be expeditiously removed prior to the policy taking effect [for those with concerns over “ex post facto”].

We ask readers sign the current window, essentially as practice, and return in a few days when the new window is readied to sign in that window: the link on our “Action Items” page will be updated to the new URL when it becomes available.  Then, we ask, share: time to fix this.  By our research, it is at least 40 years past time to fix this.




March 23, 2017
Taking the day to things other than writing [mostly research and thought?] so we leave the previous entry in place.  We'd just as soon it had a little more exposure anyway.
March 2
2, 2017



The news of the day that gave us greatest pause was not the incident in London, but the remarks from the PM: IOO, either she is terribly unaware, or terribly frightened and working terribly hard at trying to keep others from ending up in such a state as well.  And if we were “bad guys”, we’d be arranging trouble for morning just to bite the face that had just spit on us.

In a weird fashion, that ties in to what we’d already planned for today.

See, the other day [19th: at this writing, in "Recent"] we noted a question begged by an absence of action of a particular kind with respect to the issue of persons illegally in the country.   So why is it that the officials who have created these “sanctuary” situations not been held individually accountable in a most embarrassing and unpleasant manner of being publicly perp-walked from offices they’ve abandoned by knowingly and intentionally violating the Oath of Office to defend and protect The Constitution?

Brace yourself.

Because so many are guilty.  Not just an occasional Mayor.  Full Councils.  School Boards?  How about a Governor…or two…or more?  State Legislators?  Members of Congress?  And don’t forget those in other positions, such as Offices of Attorney General.  Jurists?  Really; this could get ugly.  New elections, with an awful lot of people previously thought entrenched by incumbency suddenly ineligible.

Even at least one member of Congress seems to have figured this out.  Mr. Rooney, in the hearing with FBI Director Comey and others, suggested accountability of officials to the people; officials to include “those on this dais”, a reference to himself and the others on the committee hearing.

Still, it is apparently asking too much for “public servants” to call for accountability of crooks pretending to be “public servants” when those “public servants” called on to demand accountability are crooks themselves.  Remember the guy from The House who not so long ago famously said “most of what we do is unconstitutional”?  [Yes, he was re-elected after that.]  If we want better government, perhaps we’d best deserve it by way of assuring at least a modicum of accountability.






March 25, 2017



We’re going to leave the previous entry in place for the convenience and juxtaposition, something we rarely do.


OK: here’s the deal.  Like a lot of stuff in this wacko bizarre world today, petitions are something of a numbers game.  Yesterday, the petition that is our most immediate concern, the one about Illegal Alien Felons, had just one signature.  Today, when last we checked, four.  Carrying that out through tomorrow to 16, the progression takes the petition well over the threshold in just 10 days, with about a quarter of a million.  That same progression would stack something like 65 million signatures in just a few days beyond that, at two weeks.  We know such things are possible: a while back a dentist on safari shooting a lion disturbed so many people so much that a petition on that got close to a quarter million signatures in 3 days.

We are not even hoping for that, though we wouldn’t mind it, for a number of reasons.  We will be delighted with meeting the 100K goal in the 30 days: we would be beside ourselves with the quarter million possible in just about another week.

But we really want to see this done…for a number of reasons.

If you, too, would like to get a White House response to this petition [and be assured that more than just The White House keeps an eye on petitions on that site that are getting serious attention], please do what you can to get signatures to those 121 words: takes most people only about 1 minute to read, and maybe another minute or so to sign.



March 24, 2017



Lots of stuff in the news [some even related], but something we think noteworthy you may find only here: new petition windows.

Only 30 days to gather 100K signatures…each.  The good news is that it takes only a few moments to do…though it might take a few minutes to share the idea/opportunity with others.  In any event, you leave no information here  -- no, not even an email address, or initials, or anything else --  though you do need to where the petitions are hosted: a White House site you are already paying for.  But again there is good news: you need not leave this site which has no ads and wants none of your information, to see exactly what is on the petitions.  Really; the text of each is available on this site through a link on our “Action Items” page.

So; if you have concerns about sovereignty and/or what part of the Constitution carries more weight than which other part in a given situation, or if you really want to protect that Constitution, or you don’t much care for the idea of being ruled by the UN, you might want to look into and sign the petition on “Hierarchy of Law”.

If you think having access to a petition process available to seek redress of grievances in a relatively anonymous manner at very low cost is a good thing, you might want to signify that with a signature to our petition on the process.

Most timely is our petition regarding “Illegal Alien Felons”.  Please: it is quite short, quite clear, needs little “backgrounding”, and can be acted on within days if not hours IF government, in this case POTUS, chooses to do so.

Links to the texts [on this site], and to the signing points [on that White House site], are on the “Action Items” page.  We ask you sign, and encourage others to do likewise.




 March 26, 2017



A few more comments about our petition regarding Illegal Alien Felons [see the last few entries, in "Recent" at this writing, and the "Action Items" page].

The entire apparatus necessary to effect the changes suggested in that petition is already in place.  Trump has been noising that there is a statute that would allow him to exclude certain aliens.  So be it.

This would cost almost nothing and result in serious savings while reducing the populations in prisons, possibly permitting incarceration of more of our home-grown miscreants: CA is due to release a whole bunch because of a court opinion about over-crowding.  And it does not “go after” the relatively innocent.

The odds are pretty good that if taken seriously to heart by The Administration, removing incarcerated illegal aliens, and those that might otherwise be about to be incarcerated, back to their country of origin, will not likely put a major dent in the overall numbers of persons illegally residing in this country.  It would, however, quite likely and in relatively short order, have a significant impact on the behaviors of those illegally here…which is the point.

In terms of the entire complex of things that need addressed related to persons illegally in the country, this would be really just one relatively small step.  But it would be a good one, readily justified, quickly and inexpensively effected, with viable and continuing beneficial results and few if any aggravations to any of the aspects of the multi-faceted situation.

The question remaining is this: does the population of this country care enough to require its government to do something effective and inexpensive to the betterment of all the governed?  Please take the minute to read, another minute or so to think about it as appropriate, and one more to sign the petition…then as much time and energy as you deem reasonable to encourage others to do likewise.


Oh, yeah: one more thing; if signing and/or encouraging others to do so seems wrong to you, or even just not important enough to do, could you please drop us a line through the “Comments” page and let us know where you think we’ve gone wrong?




March 27, 2017



It has been suggested that Trump at the helm is “amateur hour”.  Trump is not, IOO, the only one acting like an amateur.

Take Paul Ryan [please].  Why is he treating the not-vote on repeal of ObamaCare as a failure, a defeat?  First, since the vote was called off in the true banana republic pattern of not calling for a vote without knowing how it will turn out ahead of that vote, maybe this can be handled later; it certainly wasn’t voted down.  Second, surely he’s familiar with the phrase “suspend the rules”…which essentially means that the “rules” are guidelines and they can pretty much do whatever they want however they want.  And thirdly, spin.  Why not spin the episode as a great opportunity?  To listen to the moment, and, perhaps more importantly, to get on with the questions of budget and taxes that might well best be handled before attempting to deal with the nightmares of ObamaCare with its own complexities of budget and taxation that could, if not carefully constructed in light of the other two Herculean tasks, blow it all up.  It certainly seems odd that after all the noises about “comprehensive” immigration reform and “comprehensive” this and that, too, Congress seems disinclined to at least handle the triumvirate of budget and taxes and healthcare in a coordinated fashion.

The whole nonsense about “the Russian interference” in the election?  Surprise: one country might try to influence the internal politics of another.  Who’d a thunk it?  Come to think of it, most of the seemingly endless high-profile “investigations” seem to be pretty nonsensical.

Don’t even get us started on the way the Ds are mishandling the confirmation of Gorsuch .

Amateur hour?  These people are not displaying the talents or skills of most amateurs, and they’re professionals…sort of like a two-bit whore is a professional [they are paid for their “services”], only these folk in government are a whole lot higher priced.




April 2, 2017
Not there yet: leaving previous.
1, 2017
We've been unavoidably prevented from posting for a few days and catching up will have to wait a little more strength: seems a heart attack categorized by various professionals as "massive", "a solid triple", "a home-run", and "a widow-maker", can wreak havoc with "other plans".  We leave our last entry in place and hope for better on the morrow.
March 28, 2017



Rep. Jackie Speier [a D], is calling for the Chair of the Intelligence Committee on which she sits, [R] Rep. Nunez, to recuse if not resign over his judgement call about who to inform to what extent and in what order about what he’d learned concerning what might be termed “spying on citizens”.  We think Ms. Speier being on that committee is just as solid a rationale for her to recuse herself on the question of the Chair being called to recuse or resign.  She would also have a much stronger argument had she recused if not resigned on issues of firearms every time she’s been presented such questions since being shot at the Jonestown massacre so many years ago.




April 14, 2017
Microsoft Windows required many hours for "updates" over the last few days.  And not just once.  It has all the earmarks of a(nother) bad launch, essentially a beta testing procedure unclaimed.  That has resulted in our being unable to work reasonably in the GoDaddy web designer we've been using for years.

We'll keep trying for a while, probably daily but no guarantees: there's more on that in the material we were trying to post that led to discovery of this situation; we have only been able to provide these remarks through a limited and awkward work-around.

Our appreciation, not necessarily positive, to those responsible.




April 1317, 2017



We’re baaa-aack…sort of…provided others [particularly Microsoft and other tech companies] hold up their ends.

We apologize for the “hiatus” of about the last two-weeks …and for the new schedule.  We can no longer be providing something new every, or perhaps even most, days: we will try to at least check in at least every other day but without aiming for any rigidity of a predetermined schedule, such as odd-numbered days or even-numbered days.  Health and other demands simply will not now permit the 365 schedule we managed for over 5 years.

That said, there may be times when we post several days in a row; eventually we may even return to a true daily grind, though we do not expect that will be possible for at least some months.

Moral support counts: please consider our petitions, available and accessible through our “Action Items“ page.  We do expect to be adding a good deal of support material for those efforts, here and elsewhere, with somewhat greater frequency than we’ve managed recently.



Terrific news on one front: there are to be a significant number of new judges added to the immigration system that may actually work well if given the opportunity [the electric toaster designed to use standard household current is not likely to do its job operating off a single AAA 1.5 volt battery].  The addition of 100 judges, if working full time and around 250 days a year, seems likely to start putting a serious dent in the backlog of some half a million cases in relatively short order…certainly if the current “norm” of no-show continues.  At the same time, it was noised yesterday that it ultimately costs the taxpayer in the neighborhood of a quarter of a million dollars, in the aggregate, to pursue a case all the way through deportation.  Then again, it was reported this morning that a new review has essentially “discovered” some 33,000 detention beds that apparently are available.  No-shows, detention facilities, additional judges: add to that publicity surrounding cases resulting in deportation for long-term offenders, based on such things as ID theft, and it appears “the rules” are changing.  That is not a reason to consider this problem “cured” or to not sort this mess out; it is a reason to find more expeditious means, and means to not have to go through the expense at all.  We here believe that “encouraging” what is sometimes called “self-deportation” has great merit.



United: there is apparently, as is often the case, much more to the story than is typically reported.  As we understand it, the guy who got dragged off the plane had previously accepted an offer [$800?] to surrender his seat and left the aircraft, then had second thoughts related to his work schedule and bypassed security going back onto the plane.  Sorry, folks, but if those are facts, he should be thanking his lucky stars he’s still breathing…and the other passengers really might want to give the incident a bit more thought before commiserating with the guy very much, since he would have then put them all at risk [how many times in recent years has as much as a whole airport been virtually closed down for hours over such a security breach?].

As for the other side of the situation, United almost seems to have worked at botching this at every step.  First, since businesses such as this seem not at all shy of going after whatever traffic will bear for what they are selling, perhaps the airline could have just kept raising the offers until they got what they wanted.  That idea has been thrown out there by many, but try this one on for size: in that the airline “needed” seats in order to fly a fresh crew to another site, might it not have been possible to charter a small plane to deliver the crew…which, IOO, wouldn’t have been necessary at all with better management of resources?  The CEO, it seems, may have gone off half-cocked with his first stance; then, again IOO, botched the “apology” and the back-pedaling.  We think everybody would have been better served had he gone the route of “no comment; under investigation’ until he could take one solid stand and stick with it.


April 30,2017

With particular attention to NRA and its members and sympathizers:

It is time.  Time to stand up for individual rights, for Freedom, for The Great Experiment.

Key here is The Second.  Ground Zero is California. 

The State has determined that it can summarily vacate and even rescind not just The Second, but the entirety of The U.S. Constitution.  The pattern is seen in many things, even what days might be recognized by the State as holidays for employees.  But what may well be the signal blow is in the statutes  -- not laws, as they are “repugnant to the Constitution” --  that are scheduled to make, in the eyes of the State, violent armed criminals of tens of thousands of citizens.  This takes place in just about two months from this writing: come the 1st of July.

The vehicle of The Second is significant.  For the State will use whatever success it has in this most egregious abuse and expansion of Power as the base for virtually whatever else it may choose to do and without regard to any standards of law, Constitutionality, or even decency.  And setbacks to the agenda will be assigned to “the gun lobby”, “dangerous and armed individuals”, a lack of “common sense”, a need for greater Power for government, and the like.

But The Second is significant also because of its key value within the Constitution.  The Second came about to ensure limit to government, and is as close to an absolute as may exist in anything related to humans.  While perhaps a minority opinion today, there is still a school of thought that The Second permits of no exception: no jurisdiction within the USA has any authority to “infringe”, in any way, on the keeping and bearing of any arms whatsoever, while the Constitution is intact.  The corollary to that is that to in any way permit any infringement is to negate The Constitution in its entirety.

How so, you ask?  Read it, carefully.  Do not add anything; do not subtract anything.  Reading it for the specific language provided, does not permit for any infringement…and even an attempt to modify, in any way, is necessarily infringing [if only in the fashion of “a chilling effect”].  Thus, it cannot be modified, let alone repealed…without negating the entirety of the document.

How would that negate the entire document?  Because the document is a whole and inseparable entity.  Unlike the “legal” practice of including a “severability clause” in contracts, there is no severability clause in the contract between government and the governed known as The Constitution: nobody can pick and choose which part or parts are to be adhered to and which not; either it is in effect, in its every provision, or it is not valid at all.

To pretend authority to negate [at least openly], for example, any other Constitutionally guaranteed right, would meet with substantial opposition and be thoroughly denounced.  Yet, the federal government itself pretends authority to infringe, with remarkable frequency and to great depth.  States and localities hardly shy from infringing, with perhaps similar frequency and even greater depth.


And there is more: the UN wants to meddle as well if not more so.  It is for that reason, in part, that the proposal noted as “Hierarchy of Law” at usann.us, and the petition supporting it and requesting support from the administration, were developed; and why the petition has been posted repeatedly, at the White House site.  The threat to the US Constitution is huge, as any inroads against US sovereignty and the US Constitution can and likely will be used as an argument to claim that both have been surrendered to UN authority.

Think not?  Think that is surely a huge stretch?  Are you aware that the UN is now claiming that repeal of ObamaCare is probably against UN policies and international law?  That Mexico is reportedly ready to sue in US and international courts to prevent the building of physical barriers between Mexico and the USA?  Those are just the latest wrinkles in a seemingly ever-expanding parade of efforts in the UN to subvert US sovereignty.

As for the new President, it may not be wise to look for too much from him.  His much-touted comment at the NRA Convention about no longer having federal agents go after law-abiding gun-owners does not hold up well to serious examination.  No longer?  So Trump acknowledges that federal agents have been doing this?  Why would federal agents go after the “law-abiding”?  And what constitutes “law-abiding”, when “law” can change very quickly with or without notice?  This does not signal a change on the part of Trump, either: remember, he may favor state reciprocity of CCW but he has clearly stated he wants people to get a federal permit…which is still government demanding control  -- and no doubt for a price --  over a Constitutionally guaranteed and natural/God-given Right of the individual.

Please take a look at our petitions by way of our “Action Items” page.  There are links to the specific language of each here on site, as well as to the actual signing page which is on a White House site.


June 15, 2017




Well, the first “window” for our latest petition  --

“We require that US Attorneys and Marshals remove from state & local government offices, individuals who have abandoned, by knowingly & intentionally abandoning &/or violating the Oath to uphold & defend the Constitution taken as a part of assuming the job, offices once legitimately held. Charges of fraud &/or theft are appropriate for those individuals having continued to act as if they still legitimately held the positions in question & for collecting pay for any period beyond the date of abandonment. New elections to be held as soon as possible.

All “official” actions of such miscreants to be held to strict scrutiny, even in fiscal matters that may then require “Special Masters” to effect what may amount to retroactive receivership.”

garnered all of…71 signatures.  We put probably more than twice that many hours into trying to encourage signing.

Seems the world isn’t interested in saving itself.  Who are we to argue the point?

Pretty well drained by that, we did manage to open new windows for each of our petitions on the 1st…but didn’t do anything about updating the links on the “Action Items” page until now…halfway through the window.

That’s sad on many fronts.  But not necessarily catastrophic.

This is, after all, a numbers game.  If 5 individuals sign and get 5 more to do likewise, including getting 5, then 8 generations  -- which could conceivably be completed in as little as a couple of hours --  would result in an aggregate of almost a half million signatures.

The threshold for a “response” is 100K.  That response is to show within 30 days of reaching the threshold.

But a half million?  In a couple of hours?  Even if it took the remaining 2 weeks of this “window”, that would be such an emphatic statement by the population that a response could be expected within a week if not just days.  And the response would almost assuredly be equally emphatic…and include swift action in accord with the demands of the petition.


It is not just The White House that pays attention to this stuff.  Many in Power do.  The question is: “Do you?”  Do you pay attention?  Paying attention pretty much means you sign, and get 5 more to do likewise…including getting 5 more.  Do it.  



July 7, 2017




It's been too long: lots of reasons, no excuses.  We can only try to do better, Yoda notwithstanding.

New Petition signature windows have opened: see "Action Items" page.  Two are perhaps more timely than the other two: the one on Illegal alien felons, and the one designed to end "sanctuary" and more.

The one on Illegal Alien Felons is our response to what has become legislatively "Kate's Law".  The legislature wants their "solution" because, well, that's what a legislature does: it legislates.  To the legislature, with only the tool of legislation, every situation calls for legislation; it is the only hammer they have so everything looks like a nail and has to be hit with it...perhaps repeatedly.  Appropriate or not, legislation is the response.  Worse, when the folk in the legislature start dealing emotionally, no amount of emotion, by itself, will make bad legislation into good legislation.  As is often the case, it would be better here to scrap the whole thing and not even start over.

The problem with the legislation, which has already passed in The House, is that it is all about emotion and appearances rather than viable solutions.  The problem is persons illegally in the country who then commit additional crime...often violent crime.  Yes, there is an argument that being in the country illegally is not criminal, it is only a "civil" offense.  We don't buy that in the first place, and we have a counter to it in the second: there is nothing a person illegally in the country can do legally; nothing; not even breathe.  Our society regulates virtually everything in one fashion or another and that means everything has to meet certain regulations.  Like breathing: in the aggregate, the breathing of millions of individuals has an effect on air quality...but has anybody even heard of an environmental impact report being filed on that?  Banking, and other use of US currency?  Lots of regulations there.  Virtually everything folk illegally in the country do, puts them in violation of something.  That's criminal [in more ways than one].

The generally understood objectives of "Kate's Law" are to lessen the numbers of persons illegally in the country, and particularly those who then go on to commit violent crimes after having already been deported before.  It should go without saying that these objectives are to be met with minimal deleterious impact on the legal residents, citizen and legally admitted alien alike.  But apparently that cannot go without saying, because the legislation can slap a bill of as much as $1.2 million on the taxpayers for getting just one such miscreant off the streets for a while.  Yep: $1.2 million.  That's what it would cost, roughly, to incarcerate one such miscreant for 5, then 10, and then 15 years in successive incidents.  Of course, that wouldn't necessarily be the bill in any given specific case, for any number of reasons.  One reason is that while the sentences were initially to be 5, 10, and 15, for their own reasons, legislators have changed that so it may be less but "up to".  And of course there is no way to determine exactly the cost of a given prisoner for, for example, health care.  Meanwhile, the "accommodations" in our penal institutions may well provide essentially a higher standard of living than at least some of the miscreants might be able to achieve on their own "on the outside".


While our "solution" might not significantly reduce the numbers of people illegally in the country, that is a possibility.  More importantly, this solution would likely ensure, in remarkably short order, that the persons illegally in this country would become otherwise extremely well-behaved.  That means fewer persons illegally in the country committing additional crimes, particularly crimes of violence.  And that means lesser costs  -- to the taxpayers --  for law enforcement and courts and detentions, et al...on top of the savings of costs that would be incurred from incarceration through the legislative response.

Let us hope, and even put forth a little effort toward, The Senate having more sense than to pass this foolishness.  It is simple enough to do: just follow the links on the "Action Items" page, read the material, and follow the links to the petitions to sign.  Takes about 2 minutes.

We'll examine the petition designed to end "sanctuary" and more in our next visit [or you can just figure it out and sign by way of the links].



July 19, 2017



Well, we promised to examine the petition we designed to end “sanctuary” and more.  Here then, is a much simplified bit of “examination” into what we think requires a great deal more time and space for a full examination than is available here…and which we believe could become a greater political event than even the election of Trump.

We require that US Attorneys, FBI, and Marshals remove from state & local government offices, individuals who have abandoned, by knowingly & intentionally abandoning &/or violating the Oath to uphold& defend the Constitution taken as a part of assuming the job, offices once legitimately held. Charges of fraud &/or theft are appropriate for those individuals having continued to act as if they still legitimately held the positions in question & for collecting pay for any period beyond the date of abandonment. New elections to be held as soon as possible.

All “official” actions of such miscreants to be held to strict scrutiny, even in fiscal matters that may then require “Special Masters” to effect what may amount to retroactive receivership.”



We set about this in large part because of the insanities of CA government: “sanctuary” cities, and “gunmageddon” in particular.  Jerry Brown and the State legislature aiding and abetting criminals and invaders to the point of trying to make the entire state have a “sanctuary” status just pushed us further.  But it also drove home the idea that this had to be approached from outside the “sphere of influence” of the clique of establishment politics in the local and state governments.  Hence, and certainly with the recent wrinkles of politicizing the entire structure of government and how that violates yet another provision of The US Constitution, we sought remedy through the federal government.


Since we first placed this petition, Jerry Brown of CA has become something of a poster-boy for the project: he flies in the face of the US Constitution with remarkable frequency…and would be our pick for the first to be subjected to a broad-daylight perp-walk for crimes associated with having abandoned the office he once legitimately held.  The bulk of the CA State Legislature could be marched alongside him.

Here’s the deal.  It is hard to imagine how anybody deemed “emancipated” and cogent could have missed the gyrations of a few years back between the federal government and AZ over questions of jurisdiction and authority regarding immigration: that belongs to the federal government and the federal government is not inclined to accept any interference.  That being the case, the assorted State and local officials who’ve created “sanctuary” situations have violated those Oaths noted in the petition [to uphold and defend The Constitution (of The United States of America)].  Pretty simple.

For precedent, one can look to the air traffic controllers who decided to take to the strike lines when Reagan was President.  There was a to-do but Reagan ultimately stated that, since each individual in that employ had signed a “no-strike” contract, they had quit the jobs…which seems simple logic.

In that same fashion, the first time a public official breaks the contract [to uphold and defend The Constitution of The United States of America] voluntarily created by each of those individuals in taking the Oath of Office as part of accepting the office.  They’ve quit.  Having quit, said individuals cease to have any authority to continue to use the facilities, to wield the Power/authority of the Office, or even to be paid for whatever work they might do…since they were no longer authorized to do it and were no longer in the positions: they had quit.

BTW, that needs to go back to not just the most recent incident, but to the first such instance in which the given individual broke the contract by violating the Oath.  For most, that could go back a bit.  And, of course, anything such individuals have done while criminally pretending to still hold those offices, must be at least put in suspension if not summarily and permanently vacated.

Since much of what has been done at least in theory may have been otherwise valid and have catastrophic consequences if summarily and permanently vacated, like budgets and contracts with private concerns that were operating in good faith, suspension could provide opportunity for a subsequent and authorized official [or body] to enact “enabling legislation” to essentially backfill as necessary.  Please note the term “necessary”.  Every single item that is to be made legitimate by such efforts must be as specific as possible and fully justified and explained rather than reinstated carte blanche.

This of course could keep Party hacks and “activists” of almost if not all stripes as busy as one-armed paper-hangers, in locating/determining and focusing on the earliest violations.  One subject area is certainly “sanctuary”; another is “gun control”.  Almost anything may be fair game.


One of the more interesting aspects of this strategy is that it does so much so simply.  It gets rid of a whole lot of people who are now and have been doing a lot of things that violate The Constitution.  It also gives direction to those who might follow, along with a strong admonition that The Constitution is to be heeded.  This in turn will likely reduce the size and scope of government, at all levels…and thus the expense of it…leaving then more resources for personal/private sector use [or, dare we suggest it, greater fiscal responsibility even to the point of paying down the national debt].  With the model in place regarding the state and local government, it is almost a surety to soon be applied to such individuals as federal legislators…and which of them could meet the standard?  New elections, in short order, across the board.


That might be a good thing.




July 29, 2017



Made in America v Made in USA


A tiny tempest in a teapot turned up the other day: Trump noising about whether it was better to point to “Made in America” or “Made in USA”.  At the apparent behest of the bulk of the industry sorts in attendance [and their motivations may be open to conjecture], he leaned toward the “Made in America”.  This was allegedly largely because of the similarity with “Make America Great Again”.

But it’s wrong.

We think Trump is blowing it again.  He seems, to us, too often to do too little contemplation, too little serious thinking, before acting.  Action is often good; action without Reason tends to not work out well.  Like with the tweeting.  We’ve noted before that he might be ahead to put in at least twice as much thought to the processes and his engagement while reducing his output by half, at least resulting in providing fewer and more difficult targets for his opposition.

“America”, as a reference to The United States of America, is simply no longer a reasonable application of the term.  As we have long noted, the term “America” is most appropriately a reference that is hemispheric: there are about 3 dozen nations in The Americas  -- South, Central, and North --  and the peoples of each of those nations are, reasonably, “Americans”.  “America” worked and well, in an earlier day.  But geo-political and even economic realities have changed, as well as communications.  Today, there is ample cause to be more precise in language…which is why we operate as “Usann”, for “United States of America, Native or Naturalized” [and why we are open as well to the similar acronym of “Tusann”, for “The United States of America, Native or Naturalized”].

So, Mr. Trump, operate on the premise of “Made in The USA”.  Unless, of course, you actually intend to insult all the neighbors in the hemisphere by pretending they have no legitimate claim to the term “America” (and variants).


BTW, what may well be the best evidence we’ve ever come across in support of this position is an old piece of video of Obama being most awkward in a display of some discomfort as he fumbled in trying to find an appropriate phrasing, in making remarks following a meeting of The Organization of American States.  [It was quite comical.]



August 31, 2017



New signature-gathering windows begin today: see “Action Items” page.



OK, a lot coming related to Harvey: presenting new opportunities for a number of improvements…most if not all of which will almost assuredly…be missed.

Are we ready yet to implement a freshwater pipeline system along the lines, and perhaps the routes, of the interstate freeway system?

Can we accept now the idea that “flood insurance” is simply another federal program in desperate need of a total revamp?

Might it be an idea to morph FEMA into MACHO [Military and Civilian Humanitarian Operations] and better knit the two major components of Military and Civilian for a better outcome?





September 3, 2017




On this National Day of Prayer declared as part of response to Harvey, we find ourselves with a number of thoughts.


Harvey.  Expected to be the most expensive natural disaster to ever hit the country, estimated [at this writing] in the neighborhood of some $160 Billion. 

Harvey has been described as a million year event; an 800 year event; a 500 year event.  It certainly is  -- thankfully --  a rare event.  Described as a lake the size [extent] of Lake Michigan [though, thankfully, not the volume].  $160 Billion.  Yet some places that may have had nearly 4 feet of water inside are essentially dry within 48 hours…strongly suggesting that draining a lot of this precipitation is certainly a possibility, and that much of the damage may be the result of waters that come through long enough to do damage and then keep going to do more…elsewhere.  Which in turn suggests both that the damage can be controlled, and thus minimized; how much better an argument is needed for a national freshwater pipeline system?  $160 Billion.  Lost wealth.  And DC is pretending somehow everybody can be “made whole” [i.e., fully recover their losses]…though it has been said that the $160 Billion is just what will be expected as “federal government” costs, with a total in the neighborhood, through insurance et al, of $1 Trillion.  And the $160 Billion amounts to roughly a per capita [average for every man, woman, and child in the nation] of around $500.

And Irma is expected to become as much as a cat 4 as well and may make landfall on the continental United States.  It is highly unlikely that Irma will follow the exact same path as Harvey, so we may well be looking at another 500 year event and perhaps similar costs within a month.  What if Irma hits New Orleans which has been largely rebuilt after Katrina…still below sea level?

But there are other concerns as well. 

Know how much the interest is on the National Debt…the “ceiling” for which is now “in need” of being raised, even without the costs of Harvey [let alone Irma, or any others]?  Think about it.  No, it isn’t a matching $160 Billion.  Annual interest [alone; nothing towards paying principal] on the national debt is roughly…2.5 to 3 times that.  Yeah: 2.5 to 3 times the expense of the costliest natural disaster in the history of the country…annually.

Oh, it can be argued that the interest is paid in large part to US citizens.  But that just sugar-coats a reality that a lot of it goes elsewhere, and that what does get paid to US citizens is literally a redistribution program of government…with a lot of clerks and bureaucrats getting paid along the way.

And while much of the reporting is remarkably upbeat, there seem to be a few aspects that are getting largely neglected.  Like how badly we need an interstate water pipeline system between reservoirs [and more reservoirs]; too much damage is coming from “controlled releases” of water from behind dams that apparently cannot withstand having so much water behind them.  [Seems a little like an echo from the recent problems in California with a dam and a spillway.]  Or how poorly the federal flood insurance program is designed; only 1 in 5 at best has flood insurance…which may still be inadequate coverage in individual cases.  How come some  -- apparently very few, but still some --  homeowners managed to avoid most problems by having raised their homes after previous flooding, perhaps as little as 6 months ago; and why didn’t everybody else raise their homes [cannot help but recall such as a requirement in some areas locally a while back]? 

These are just a few that come readily to mind; Melania’s shoes didn’t make our list.



September 17, 2017



We begin  a 7th year of blogging despite seemingly endless "technical problems", with intentions of doing more as we did in each of the first 5 of those years than in the last one [a major heart attack in the OEuclidean family certainly altered a lot of things; other significant personal/familial events have impacted as well].  With a little luck and a bit of work, we expect to get back into the swing of things; perhaps not to the daily frequency we initiated and kept for so long, but we are aiming for an entry about every other day on average.

That may include major changes to the site and its operation [new software], though most likely most of that will not be seen; we like what we’ve done, generally.


Happy Birthday…to us all, even to all of mankind.  The Birthday is not of mankind, as far as we know.  But it is the Birthday of The Constitution of The United States of America, perhaps the finest document ever designed by human minds [The Bible being Devine] and one that has had immense impact on the world for some 230 years now.

Please take a few minutes today to read The Constitution, and perhaps then a few more to consider how our lives might be different if everybody in The United States of America, and particularly those in “pubic service” [most particularly the Members of Congress],  actually adhered to and lived by that document as the Supreme Law of the Land.


September 19, 2017


We really want to see our petitions [on the “Action Items” page] getting major attention in media and in the form of signatures, to numbers in multiples of those needed for response.

We are asking people to take the few minutes to read the actual petitions [here on site, so to limit any possible exposure to cyber-sleuthing; remember, we keep no lists and do no tracking on this site] and then take the action of following the links to apply signatures…perhaps twice, even more if necessary, over time; once every month until each has met the threshold for response from The White House.  The first time will take a few minutes; subsequent efforts would require only moments [each].

Our urgency comes from the continuing concerns that instigated each of the petitions in the first place, reinforced by our personal situations which have reminded us thoroughly 3 times in recent months about just how temporary life is; each of us simply has limited time in which to act to make the world a better place and so must take every opportunity to do so.  We see these things as some of the very best we can do, and, along with this blog, the most immediate.  [There are some other things in the works as well, but they take much less involvement of others and more of us, while necessarily taking longer periods of time; these petitions can reach the thresholds literally in days if not hours…if people choose to read, sign, and share/encourage others.]


Today we ask specifically attention to the petition highest on our “Action Items” page, about Hierarchy of Law, Preservation of The Constitution.  There is considerable support argument available here on site, and we encourage reading it for those with that much interest.  But the situation at The UN and the speech from Trump there this morning provide pretty strong argument as well.  Please, sign, and encourage others to do so as well. 


September 22, 2017

Every other day didn’t last long, did it? We’d have posted this yesterday save for “technical difficulties”: the Powers that Be determined that we would not be able to log in let alone make changes. This occurs from time to time, almost always in conjunction with some “improvement” by GoDaddy or Microsoft. We have hopes that someday integrity will return to the world.

A belated Happy 70th Birthday, US Air Force.

Seems appropriate to again, for the steeenth time, focus attention to “Watch Your Language”. How is it that so many “talking heads”, the reporters and journalists and commentators, whose stock in trade is language, disregard or perhaps simply are so poorly skilled that they do not understand that “illegal immigrant” and all of its variants, amounts to a contradiction in terms, a conflict that cannot exist? Our preferred term is “criminal &/or invader” but a lot of people seem to find that “harsh” [blunt, but accurate; truth can be painful]. Yes, there can be some argument, weak though we think it is, that “illegal alien” is not appropriate terminology either, but what’s wrong with “illegal migrant” or “illegal resident”?

Weather Wars [uhhh, for those with an interest, there actually is a novel from the 1970s by that title that is really pretty interesting, IOO]? Puerto Rico is being/has been largely destroyed by the series of hurricanes and will no doubt be getting serious federal aid to rebuild. But Puerto Rico is so broke that it makes the federal government look solvent. If there is anything to the school of thought that major governments &/or NGOs control weather, it might just make sense to flatten Puerto Rico in order to remedy its fiscal problems in a friendly version of a mouse that roared…as part of a Cloward-Piven strategy to beat the USA into insolvency with catastrophes in TX and FL and somewhat lesser disasters in other areas.

Too many dots, far too many possible connections. 




October 1, 2017



There us a very real hazard in not posting for too long: so much piles up.  See, whether it shows here or not, writing tends to be an every day affair…and the talking heads and politicians could generally supply enough material without huricanes or the NFL.

Today we settle for at least checking in, and noting that we’ve opened new signature-gathering windows for our petitions [see “Action Items” page].

The petitions are, we think, better than they might look at first glance.  This being the month in which we all seem to celebrate scaring folk, perhaps it is time we scared The Establishment.  Take a look at the petitions: getting them over the threshold for a response just might scare the daylights out of a whole lot of those in The Establishment.




October 2, 2017



Give the NFL all the attention it deserves.

That now over, let’s get to something of value.

Trump proves us right again, about his being more like O than almost anybody other than us suspected.  He’s getting pretty good at throwing folk under the bus.

He also talks big…and incessantly.  We saw and heard O so often, virtually daily, that we got to a point of Pavlovian reactions.  Trump seems to be trying to out-2-year-old even that record.  Like he’s apparently trying to out-2-year-old that rummy in North Korea.  A recent example: O said he didn’t know what had happened but that obviously the police were wrong; Trump, with apparently no information greater than anybody else had [he offered no support for the assertion], said the Las Vegas shooter had “wounded hundreds” despite there being no information public about how many had been shot and how many of the injured were that way from panic such as trampling by others.

But if anybody ever did think to take him more or less seriously, does anybody believe that North Korea or China, or anybody else for that matter, is ever going to be particularly concerned about how “tough” and “capable” The USA is while watching the federal government failures following Irma, Juan, and, particularly, Maria?

Maria?  Three and a half million US citizens have had their world destroyed, perhaps half still without reasonable food and water, let alone shelter or anything more.  But there are reportedly 10K federal workers there.  How many of those were there anyhow?  How many are paper-shufflers and attending meetings, and how many are hands-on in-the-trenches actually removing rubble and operating mass kitchens for all comers?  Put a Marine Division and a couple of CB outfits and an aircraft carrier or two on site and going full-bore.  [MACHO: Military and Civilian Humanitarian Operations.  Why?  Because military operates in a mode that might best be described as 24/7 emergency logistics.]

And the reporting?  That would be a discussion for another day save the insanity in Las Vegas.

The reporting.  It is so bad as to generate explosive regurgitation in at least some intelligent and thoughtful individuals subjected to it.

In the Vegas incident, Trump might be excused for going off half-cocked just on the basis of having so much other stuff on the plate and relying on what may literally be hearsay rather than legitimate verified data from fallible humans.  But the professional noisemakers?  The former cop who says the most dangerous people are those the cops don’t have records of?  The way he said it suggests, clearly, that he wants law enforcement to have extensive dossiers on virtually every individual.  If that doesn’t strike you as just wrong, perhaps you can focus on the concept of data breach by hackers [can you say “Equifax”?]?  The retired military officer who says this is terrorism, religiously motivated or not; it was intended to terrorize.  [We doubt that; looks to us to have been intended to kill as many as possible with little to no concern for scaring anybody at all; he planned to not be around to find out.  But we don’t have any information other than what has been made public at this writing and readily acknowledge that we are not experts and our guesses are just that; guesses.]  What about the assorted folk getting access to a mic and noising about mental health of the shooter? Like the brilliant guy who said the shooter would have had to have help to convert the firearms from semi-auto to full-auto [which is untrue, and technically against statutes anyway].   Even the numbers: dead, wounded, injured…wounded and injured usually added together and pretended to be wounded, despite reality.  Some “expert” says we’ve a million sworn officers in the nation with a third working an 8-hour shift, so 2/3 are off-duty so off-duty cops are everywhere; they are trained, and armed.  [Do the math, realizing that it takes more than 4 shifts to cover a weeks’ hours.]  And the news folk put this crap on the air?

Where is the video-reportage of hands-on viable physical help to remedy the mess that continues to harm the 3.5 million citizens of the leveled island of Puerto Rico?




October 8, 2017



Well, it’s been most of a week again now, cluttered with a lot of noise on mostly old-hat stuff;  things like liberals verbally attacking Trump and anybody else who has the audacity to cross their lines, legitimately or not. Small wonder, with so much time and energy and other resources going into spiting contests, that so little of value gets done in DC.

Trump did, however, put his foot in it again…again giving us cause to sometimes have trouble telling him apart from the usurper who claimed the Office before Trump.  Remember O saying, with endless repetition, that he’d inherited a mess [referring to the catch-all of the economy]?  Well, this week [referring to the Iran “deal”], Trump said he’d been handed/left with a mess.  Shades of Hillary: can any of these people ever own anything that doesn’t bring accolades?

Our favorite in that realm this week has to be the Monday-morning-quarterbacking of Mattis responding to a question in a Congressional hearing.  Asked, with a demand for a yes or no response, about his position on the Iran “deal” being good for the country, he answered the question…as asked.  As far as we know, there was no follow-up about how that personal opinion might color his reactions to commands from the Commander in Chief.  But the liberals, and even a lot who would normally be seen as “conservatives”, were making a big to-do about a man answering honestly a single question completely out of context and with virtually no perspectives permitted.  That ain’t just dumb; it’s gross hogwash.


Of course, “the latest” on the Las Vegas shooting provides a lot, too.  The gun count alone has been amazing; first we heard 2, then 8, then 10, then 18, and most recently 19.  How the dead guy keeps adding guns to the collection in the room has us totally baffled.  And they were all modified to fire full-auto…not.  Apparently 2 were fitted with bumpstocks…but we’ve also heard reports that a dozen bumpstocks were found in the hotel room.  What we haven’t heard, even once, was any semblance of perspective provided by the numbers of persons wounded, i.e., shot, and the number of persons injured in other fashion such as being trampled.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about the Las Vegas incident is the fairly clear revelation from the NRA that its Emperor has no clothes any more than most emperors.  The NRA, that great friend of The Second Amendment, which has little reason to exist should The Second ever be accepted for what it is and was intended to be, has come out in favor of “strict” regulations of bumpstocks and anything else that might make the function of a firearm government allows citizens to have, fire in a manner similar to some of the equipment that government has as a matter of course.  Seems the NRA doesn’t want anything close to a level playing field any more than government does…the government inclination being the rationale behind The Second, i.e., to ensure the ability of the citizenry to keep government in check.


“Reporting”?  Trump made a comment that could have been a thinly veiled threat…or something else.  Pressed, Trump left the media guessing.  So somebody made something up and they all jumped on it.  They simply could not wait until they could get an answer from Trump that was more to their liking than being told essentially to wait; they felt they had to “report” so they “reported” the guesses they were making as facts…with commentators jumping in on the silliness, everybody coming up with mud and not much else.

See, what Trump said could have been a threat of military action.  But it could also have been a preliminary staging for a comment leading to a policy that actually goes in almost a diametrically opposite direction.  We’re going to save discussion of that possibility for later…but the direction of it won’t be a big surprise to folk who pay attention to our commentaries though the specifics might be kind of fun.  Hint: Trump and/or minions have already headed in that direction at least once…which is why the “reporting” is so very shameful; they have cause to know there is more than one possible meaning to the comment in question.


And everybodys’ favorite distractive effort, taxes.  Still a game of re-arranging deck chairs on The Titanic, talking taxes in any way/shape/form is a sure way to draw attention, usually from almost anything and everything else.  But it’s still just re-arranging deck chairs on The Titanic.


Distractions seem to be high on the agenda at the moment.  Has anybody seen or heard anything, let alone anything of significance, about hands-on work at breakneck speed for Puerto Rico?  Look, we are not Puerto Rican, or even Hispanic; we favor independence over statehood for Puerto Rico.  But as things stand, Puerto Rico has about 3.5 million US citizens, and we are very strong supporters of US citizenship being of value and the Republic being “one nation”.


Finally: anybody ever consider our suggestion to read “Weather War”?  It’s a late ‘70s SciFi paperback that can be found online readily enough for about $6.  With Nate following on Irma and Juan and Maria, maybe it is time.



October 12, 2017



How many “injured” in the Vegas shooting were actually shot, as opposed to having been trampled or cut or otherwise injured in attempts by themselves or others trying to avoid getting shot?  And why has that not been a part of the story all along?

Why are we hearing virtually nothing about the causes of the rash of wildfires in California?  We hear about the numbers of fires and the extent and the lost structures and the numbers of evacuations and the persons displaced; even how much retardant is being used and the increase in air traffic and measures taken to aid in safety of that traffic.  But nothing about how the fires started.


No, the focus in the news that is demanding details is seemingly about a powerful dirty old man.


Meanwhile, the pretense of a Governor in California has signed the state into sanctuary, and Congress has all but run out of time to get much of anything done, let alone well done, on any of the fronts long past due, yet still has time and other resources to engage in lots of petty stuff.


One more question: have you signed our petitions yet ["Action Items"] and if not, why not?





October 24, 2017



A few notes after too long away:



Niger: mostly Monday-morning quarterbacking by armchair experts.  We can only hope the investigation on this provides functional results in short order, if only for the comparison/contrast with the seemingly endless investigations into Clintons and collusions.  Perhaps it is time for this country to wake up to the concept that putting people "in harms' way" is likely to, at least from time to time, result in harm…and maybe this country should consider reducing such exposure.  As for the “controversy” over the condolence call, perhaps it will get Trump to understand that there is no profit in willingly and unnecessarily providing ammunition to those who would use it against you with no rationale beyond that it is or could be available. 



The “illegal” and the sought abortion.  First, at 17, the girl in question is not “an illegal” but a criminal/invader.  That she “wants” an abortion is, we think, her choice…at her expense.  We also think the child, if not aborted, if born in this country, might provide an opportunity for SCOTUS to revisit the question of “birthright” citizenship extended on the sole basis of geography.



North Korea  It is long past time to train the puppy.  Until everybody can be sure that the pup will not misbehave in a vicious fashion when left with the children, the pup must be isolated from the children.  It is that simple.  And if the pup finds some way to escape the containment and become a viable threat, then the unfortunate creature may simply have to be “put down”.



Medal of Honor.  47 years late.  Apparently well deserved.

And then the Idiot in Charge goes on at length about “The Congressional Medal of Honor”.  It is a common error.  But from the guy in charge and presenting the countrys’ highest military Honor?  It isn’t “The Congressional Medal of Honor”: it is “The Medal of Honor”.  But his lardship noised “Congressional” repeatedly.  Another proof that he’s more like the last guy who claimed The Oval Office than most might think.



Steinle.  Two years after Kate Steinle died reportedly at the hands of an invader/criminal, California has become a “sanctuary” State.  That makes it much more understandable that Moonbeam & Co continue to act as if they actually still held the offices they’ve in fact abandoned [and therefore need to suffer the consequences of such criminal behavior]; they are sociopaths, i.e., they completely disregard the “norms” of society and serve only their own desires.  [Yes, there is something that can be done, and you can be a part of it through just a few minutes of your time: “Action Items”.]



Taxes.  Re-arrangement of deck chairs on The Titanic continues, to the chin-music of politics as usual, with a seeming emphasis on who gets a cut and who has to pay.  The stridency is, well, amusing; the tempest in the teapot is in reality about like Maria in Puerto Rico by comparison.  So much noise about necessity for politics, for the economy; cuts for these and breaks for those, what to protect and what to change  -- and to what degree; how to pay for it all.  But there is no specification of the goal beyond the remarkably nebulous “fair” and “beneficial”.  The lack of starting with re-visioning would be thigh-slapping hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic.

Here’s a thought: if taxes suddenly became “fair”, the only folk getting cuts/breaks would be those who’d been carrying too much of the burden, and the only folk that would be getting “hurt” would be those who’ve been getting too good a deal and that at the expense of others.  So go ahead and aim for that particular form of “fair” if that is the objective, but do so without concern about “winners” and “losers”.



Enough for today.



October 27, 2017




We think a well-known public official needs to change his name from “Jeff” to “Snow”.  He doesn’t like the way somebody else is doing a different job so he’s going to quit his [job]…crying about what he’s going to be able to tell his children and grandchildren about what is now being done in and by government in which he holds a very high position.  So this Senator, who is facing a re-election that is a bit “iffy” for an incumbent, will retire…rather than face the election fight and do the work he contracted to do in the way he claims is so desperately needed.  We think that sort of behavior used to be called “shirking” at best; sometimes even “cowardice”.

Now that this guy has declared his position regarding the job, the electorate, and his concerns for others, is there any reason to feel good about whatever votes he might cast from this day forward?  Would it not be more reasonable and practical for the public, and more ethical on the part of the individual, to walk away immediately rather than to continue through the convenient date of the end of this term?  We wonder how he might explain that to those kids and grandkids of his, rather than the kids and grandkids of us all, that are his concern.



Taxes.  Lots of noise about “brackets”, particularly the number of them.  Early noise was getting the number of brackets down to 3 and getting rid of deductions.  Then it was 4 brackets.  Now 5.

We think that, while probably being poorly done and almost assuredly for the wrong reasons, this is indicative of moving in the right direction.  We’ve long said that it is at least seemingly illogical to be decrying the increasingly vast disparities in incomes and shrinking the number of brackets.



And  -- surprise, surprise --  Social Security is going to run out of money.  Who knew?



November 1, 2017


Your time.  Your money.  Pervasive and invasive government will have some  -- perhaps, even most likely, a great deal --  of both your time and your money [to say nothing of your peace of mind], whether you like it or not.  We think we can help you  -- for nothing out-of-pocket and remarkably little time and energy --  have greater control, relatively simply and quickly, over how much of your time and money goes to government(s) and even what is done by government(s) in your name.


For today, please take a look at our “Action Items” page; new signature gathering windows have just opened.  Just check out the language [linked to another page of this site, still free of outside nuisance] of any one petition.  Please.







January 30, 2018


It has been far too long since we provided anything new here, but the SOTU Address offers a wonderful opportunity for us to return…even to our old tradition of making our comment prior to the event of a well-publicized speech.


We suspect this speech will be remarkable almost exclusively in its being largely unremarkable.  Trump will almost assuredly toot his own horn, noising all “his” accomplishments.  Dependent on perspective, they are arguably impressive…or not.  He will take as much credit as possible for everything good under the sun while sliding over anything less than sterling with barely a mention…save when he thinks he can play the blame game and try to stick it to his opponents, both political and press.  He will also paint a rosy picture of all the great things he will be doing to “make America great again”.

Standard stuff for a SOTU address.

What we’d like to see and hear are the things that will be missing.  Things like a legitimate argument for a “class action” resolution to DACA, as opposed to actually fully “fixing” the “broken” immigration system so that each case can be adjudicated on its own merits…or lack thereof…to include a fully reasoned explanation of why this society based on The Rule of Law should do other than that for persons illegally in the country [no matter how they got here or when].

We’d like to hear about the DHS having granted itself “waivers” for such things as EPA requirements that would impede the installation of the  Trump Wall…based on a highly questionable “authority”, granted by Congress.  To us, that “grant” of authority, let alone the exercise of it in such a fashion, smacks of tyranny.

We’d like to hear about a draining of the swamp that brings harsh accountability to so many who now fill slots allegedly as “public servants” as they serve only themselves, much along the lines expressed in our petition for wholesale removal…which we heard largely echoed in some testimony by the Secretary of DHS.  That petition disappeared unceremoniously from any chance of success by the convenience of closing down the White House site where it was hosted…though it could still be at least read and considered through our “Action Items” page.  Theoretically all that stuff is to come back “in late January”…but the Administration is running out of time to meet that self-imposed deadline…in yet another echo of “O”.



That should suffice for today.



January 31, 2018


Well, we think we got pretty close yesterday.  Aside from a good line near the start and specific examples used to put a human face to some of the noise, the speech was little more than a rehash of stuff heard endlessly.  Trump tooted his horn; detractors demonstrated pettiness to match the lockstep of Rs in standing ovation.  We heard little if anything new, and a real paucity of details and/or depth.

Meanwhile, the WhiteHouse.gov site continued to be closed “for maintenance” to essentially the last moment, just hours left in “late January” [we’ll open new petitions tomorrow].  We have to wonder if Trump is taking lessons in timing from the Congress that is already considering yet another CR in hopes of not orchestrating a “government shutdown”…which, if it did come about, would be partial and probably largely unremarkable in most ways.

Color us impressed.  Now, would you, Mr. President, like to try for “favorably”?


The Democratic “response”?  It was not only worse; it was abysmal.



February 1, 2018



OK.  New petitions in place.

Ooops: can’t get the links to the new petitions into the slots on our “Action Items” page…but the verbiage is still available through the “text” links.   We will advise when  GoDaddy gets its ducks back in a row enough for us to be able to provide the links.


We leave it at that for now: the “technical difficulties” came atop what had already become a very long day.




February 2, 2018



OK.  “The memo” has landed…still in dispute.


How is it that all these folks who supposedly can run the country can’t figure out that, since there are such divergent opinions on this particular mess, held so strongly, that, IF the material is so important that the public needs to see it and make up its own mind, that the right way to handle it is to provide both of those strongly held opinions…at the same time?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that, if the transgressions alleged actually occurred, then the obligation of Congressional oversight was just as botched…and the entirety of the membership of Congress becomes less likely to win re-election.


The new petition windows: looks like the new links on our "Action Items" page took this time; GoDaddy apparently got the duck in a row.  Please examine, think, sign...and spread the word.




February 3, 2018



We note with interest that apparently this is not to be a “working” weekend for the herd that is to come up with a means to continue funding government, with less than a week to go to the latest in the series of self-imposed “deadlines” for a job that was to have been completed months ago.  Since this “budget” has already eaten a third of the time for creating the next one, what chance is there of these folk managing to get the next one in on time?


New petition windows as of the 1st [see "Action Items" page]:  please examine, think, sign...and spread the word.




February 5, 2018



We wonder how the DACA situation will be affected by the death of a player in the NFL resulting from the misbehaviors of a person illegally in the country…who was drunk…and had no legal drivers’ license…and had been deported twice but was back again.  No word yet about previous criminal record beyond the illegal entry.

A good deal of such misbehavior might well never come about if our petitions gain enough signatures that neither the Administration nor the legislature could pretend that such simple and readily available solutions could be developed let alone exist.  Please: sign them, through our “Action Items” page [takes only a few minutes, and the full language of each is available on this site for examination; just follow the “text” links].




February 6, 2018



Today we are left wondering if any of those noisy folks who complain bitterly that the tax reform [and it need be noted that we are not fans of it] unfairly and unjustifiably favored “the rich” and skewered “the middle class”, will make any similar observations about the programmed trading that has been responsible for the gyrations in the stock markets for the last couple of days.

Somehow, we just don’t see either side of the political aisle going there.

That could be because there is so much to do about budget  -- 4 months overdue --  and, so the line is, about DACA and immigration  -- which actually have no "due-date" but draw a lot of headlines...and indeed do need attention.
But we doubt it.  We think it more likely the silence will be a result of the duplicity that seems rampant in the halls of power.  The stuff that makes so many make so much racket about "illegal immigration" as if they championed an end to it, while use of such a nonsensical phrase that is a contradiction in terms only clouds the issue rather than serving to bring clarity and perhaps even solution.





February 7, 2018



DACA.  Officially, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  We think it actually stands for “’Deadline’ and ‘Compromise’ Atrocities”.

There is an old saw about “When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.  We’ve hired a guy to the Presidency who thinks of everything as being “a deal”, a compromise, which he has repeatedly said means nobody gets everything they want and that everybody has to give up something.

We take exception.  Not everything calls for compromise.  Sometimes, somebody may take the right position.  Once in a great while, they may hold to it.

It’s called “principle”.  Related to “integrity”.

Now: go to our “Action Items” page and use the links, sign the petitions [takes only a couple of minutes].  Then, spread the word.





February 8, 2018



Four months late and after 4 “Continuing Resolutions”, legislators still haven’t managed to meet the most basic of the responsibilities they volunteered to assure.  They not only volunteered, they spent a lot of other peoples’ money to get the opportunity to spend even more of more other peoples’ money.

Somehow, though, these folk will continue to be handsomely compensated  -- the front money alone puts each in the top 5% of incomes [and that is accompanied by fringes that amount to roughly half that as well] --  while the government is “shut down”.

Hey; wait just a minute.  Since budgeting is the most basic of duties, and they got paid for working last year, aren’t they now getting paid a second time for the same work?


Please go through our “Action Items” page to read the actual text of our petitions, then use the links to the signing page and strike a blow to end this nonsense.  Then strike again: pass the word.





February 12, 2018



Can’t stop thinking about this latest budget “deal” that isn’t.  A “2-year deal” has allegedly been made in yet another Continuing Resolution.  This one will in theory buy Congress another 6 weeks to another “deadline” for work that should have been done  -- and for which Ccngress was paid --  before 1 October last year [and which will now apparently result in a $1 Trillion deficit for the year].

It is worth noting that Members of Congress are compensated to the tune of something like $175K a year, not counting “fringes” that amount to about half that as well [making the total compensation well over $250K].  Budgeting is the most basic and necessary of the duties those members of Congress are paid to do.  And this is the result?

Is it just remotely possible that there is a relationship between the performance of these people and the number of them already scheduled to not seek re-election?  Could it be that they really are aware enough to know that this behavior cannot be justified to the roughly 95% of the population that has a lesser income?  Under these circumstances, with yet another looming of “government shutdown” [that isn’t; historically, government continues, and those “furloughed” eventually get paid for the time not on the job anyway], it might be near impossible to defend against complaint that Members of Congress continue to be paid even in such a “shutdown” while a lot of “little people” have their lives disrupted, at least temporarily.





BTW: should a Member of Congress be permitted to vote on anything other than an emergency matter after removing themselves from facing the electorate?  We think not.  We also think they should not be voting on anything other than emergency matters once the electorate has provided what amounts to a vote of “no confidence” by defeating said Members in Primaries.

Please remember our petitions; takes only a couple of minutes.  Access through our "Action Items" page.





February 19, 2018



Without comment beyond our belief that it was worthy of note [not necessarily "good" or "bad"], from a FaceBook post [not ours; seen today], (warts and all [...save the swearing, most of which snuck by in the initial posting on this site: our apologies to our readers]):


"To all people manly females between the ages of 40 and 70 who are flocking to facebook to cry about gun control in the wake of yet another mass shooting...

You as a group are the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] ones who are as directly responsible for these mass shootings as the person pulling the trigger. Before the male sex was [EXPLETIVE DELETED] demasculinated over the course of the past 30-40 years by your [EXPLETIVE DELETED] politically correct flowers and rainbows 1960s hippie bull[EXPLETIVE DELETED] reality mass shootings were pretty much statistically non existent. Lets not forget shall we that you are the ones who raised these [EXPLETIVE DELETED] little psychos. You have stripped your sons of real male role models. You abandon your sons to be raised by video game consoles. You teach young men that their sex is evil, that they oppress women, abuse power, and cause all the worlds problems. You call them rapists, chauvinists, bigots, predators. You take boys who are too bored to sit still in your schools for eight hours a day and pump them full of [EXPLETIVE DELETED] amphetamines to calm them down enough to sit through revisionist history defunct of anything of interest to a young boy. You tell them no running, no yelling, no throwing rocks or sand at recess. You have destroyed every single competative sport in the name of equality, feelings, and fairness. You have made guns, knives, spears, clubs, hammers, fire, and other traditional tools of men off limits to little boys who are hardwired by nature to be physical, competative, and violent. You deny that children, particularly boys, should be taught to use these tools with respect, instead choosing to stick your heads in the sand and deny their existence. You have suppressed everything young men should be able to experience in life: pride, respect, hardship, strategy, violence, discipline, patience, work, honor, competition, failure, integrity, honesty, risk, reward, splinters, scraped knees, burning green army men with magnifying glasses, matches, ticks, and launching tricycles off jumps in the driveway, instead you bubble wrap them and insist they become spineless little cucks who live in your basements playing xbox until they're 25. You suppress their human nature as men and then when they finally go ape[expletive deleted] and kill a bunch of people because they're [EXPLETIVE DELETED]ed up and have been raised as women by women you want to blame the tool they use?

No, i dont think so. I refuse to allow you to blame inanimate objects like guns or whatever tools your psychotic little adam lanzas use to inflict violence whilst you seemingly forget that your utterly disgusting failures as parents are why we have these problems in America today, 40 years of suppressing male human nature and helicopter parenting is rearing its ugly head in your faces and you are still trying to blame it on inanimate objects. [EXPLETIVE DELETED] you"



Please remember to sign our petitions through our "Action Items" page.

To Fergie and any and all others who would sing the national anthem in public: quit playing with it; it isn't solely your property, it isn't about you, your singing it isn't a showcase for whatever talent you may have but an honor you've been offered and which you accepted.  Now behave yourself with at least minimal decorum and perform with respect for the honor of the opportunity and the tradition and audience.





March 9, 2018

Lots to look at since we last posted...but it's largely all same-old, same-old: trade, particularly tariffs; and DACA and immigration/invasion; and, of course, money[budget].

We take this day just to do a bit of catch-up and check-in: new signature opportunities are available for our petitions...and new support material is "in the works"/"coming soon". 
Please sign our petitions through our "Action Items" page.





March 16, 2018

Where to begin?

There is now a lawsuit alleging vindictive prosecution, on behalf of the illegal alien that killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco.  We think the attorney pressing that needs to be considered for disbarment.  We also think our petitions, particularly the one about Illegal Alien Felons, through our "Action Items" page, provide far more appropriate courses of action than that lawsuit...or the one from AG Sessions against CA and maybe the Oakland Mayor.  We expect to provide a support argument that goes well beyond the obvious in the next few days.

Likewise, our petition regarding
Pretenders is more germane daily as well.  On top of illegal aliens already practicing law here, the State government now seeks such persons to fill positions as state appointees?  Seems the folk running this circus have completely lost their minds at best, and most likely need to be removed from positions of authority and perhaps jailed as well.

Lest some think we are just mad supporters of all things Trump or resembling Trump: the current  Clown In Chief took off with another nickname for somebody not in his favor, a young man of some credentials, including being a Marine, running for Congress in a special election.
  Trump is calling him “Lamb the sham”.  Then Trump did a photo-op stop/rally/event singing praises of Marines (largely with history they already knew)… Apparently lauding only Marines who are Republicans?





March 29, 2018

We return to our earlier premise, of blog entries every day; the last year has been a bit difficult, resulting in sparse and sporadic work here.

We also return to a standard which allows an appearance that serves only to check in...which we do on this first day of our return.  But we warn readers: things may heat up a bit, and quit quickly.




March 30, 2018



John Paul Stevens and repeal of The Second


There is a sad and even tragic commentary on our society in this episode that is getting virtually no notice at all.

Whether one agrees with Stevens or disagrees, the bottom line is that despite Freedom of Speech, by reason of his position, as Jimmy Carter would say, as a retired member of The Court Stevens really ought not be speaking on such controversial issues.

This is not to suggest, let alone insist, that there is some formal restriction here on Freedom of Speech [though on second thought we suspect there actually may be, by way of a Canon of Ethics].  Rather, it is to acknowledge the presence and even desirability of a sense of decorum that is respected by most if not all, a line of demarcation between that which is done and that which is (simply) not.

In this situation, we believe that any pontification on such topics by a retired member of The Court, due to respect for self and other members of The Court [past, present, and future] as well as the institution itself and society at large, would be best left unknown or, at worst, provided in relevant cases through amicus curiae [a brief filed as “a friend of The Court”].

That the comments made by Stevens were not kept private nor only offered in amicus curiae suggests to us that those around him have not protected him, or society or the institution, from what at best might be seen as an inopportune senior moment [and at worst the decay of a nonagenarian].

Most unfortunately, this lapse from Stevens is not so far afield from what have become “norms”.  Ginsberg making something of a spectacle of herself and then not recusing herself in cases closely related, as it seems ethics standards require, has become something of a “norm” itself.  And this sort of behavior is not restricted to the oldest of folk to have been on The Court, either; recusal seems to have, well, gone out of style…and similar lack of respect [for self, others, and institutions] extends throughout our population in many fields.

Another sad and even tragic commentary on our society.





March 31, 2018



Still gearing up…at least checking in.  Some things looking like they may gel soon…even as other things demand more resources than we’d like or would allow us better performance here.  But checking in.




April 1, 2018



We poke our noses in briefly just noting that it is both April Fools Day, suggestive of festive joking, and Easter, which, while some folk may think of as appropriate to festive joking, most people in this country associate with the basis of ultimate Hope and a beneficent God.





April 2, 2018



We cannot help but wonder about certain bits in the news.  “Extreme vetting” is to be the rule for persons applying for visas to visit these United States; while an alarmingly foolish “policy”, apparently codified in statute, permits endless and almost entirely uncontrolled entry for “unaccompanied minors” who break law by coming without permission let alone invitation from this country.  Meanwhile, California is essentially in rebellion against the federal government on immigration, even as it gets its panties in a knot that county governments are rebelling against the state government position.


Spock, of “Star Trek”, would find this stuff “fascinating”.





April 3, 2018



New petition windows effective today...and they could not be more timely.  Please check them out  -- particularly the one that could end "sanctuary", in less than a week, at essentially no expense --  through the text links on our "Action Items" page.  Then, please, sign these things and encourage others to do likewise.




April 5, 2018



With our apologies for our absence from these pages yesterday.


In all the recent blather about one of our pet subjects, persons who have entered the country illegally and those who would do likewise, there is one particular part that we think is perhaps of more significance than most of the others: the comments from the Mexican President and the Mexican Ambassador to The USA.

No, we’re not going to provide them, or even links to them; we believe that it is important to often if not always do your own research, and that it is important to generally not take anybody’s word for much of anything without at least a second and corroborating source, particularly what is found on the web [and that includes what you might get from here].

Still, we’d like you to sign our petitions on this stuff; check ‘em out on our “Action Items” page, sign ‘em if conscience permits, perhaps even spread the word.





April 6, 2018



Illusions.  Distractions.  Variations on the theme of Bread and Circuses.  We suspect something  -- perhaps something very big --  may be about to come to a head and the Powers that Be are scrambling to prevent much focus that could result in any “loss” of [pretended?] Power.


We’d like to think our petition designed to end “sanctuary” and a lot of other mischief [last one on our “Action Items” page], might be at least a part of that “something”.




April 8, 2018



We blew it again yesterday but may be able to compensate today with brevity and track.


We’d like to hear what Zuckerberg might have as a response, while ensnared in the lasso of Wonder Woman to ensure Truth, to a query from Congress, for a full, germane, and clear explanation, of how the suggestion that users of FaceBook pay to have their private information kept private, differs from any other form of what might well be termed  “extortion”.





April 10, 2018

Just checkin' in, so we leave the previous entry in place.

April 9, 2018



Trump is again proving himself to be a great deal like the last guy to claim The Oval Office.  Remember when there were complaints about that last guy because he seemed to act as if he thought he’d been elected President of the World?  Well, what comes to mind when Trump says China has to change its ways?

We have long held that most trade deals have put the USA at disadvantage, and that China in particular has been taking not only unfair but unreasonable and unsustainable advantage.

But telling another country that it has to change?  Just wrong.  Trump is supposed to be leading this country.

But this is also another proof that the Trump tool box is apparently limited to a single hammer, so everything looks to him like a nail: he makes deals, so every answer is a deal.

This is one of those areas in which that approach is simply wrong.  Lead.  By example.  Do the right thing. 

Remember: leading is going.  If others follow, you are seen to be a leader.  If nobody follows, you are seen to be eccentric, or lunatic…largely determined by financial and/or social standing.





April 11, 2018




The local morning “news” carried two stories which, in conjunction with a remarkably co-incitement commercial, brought a sense of horror, almost terror.


The one story was about millennial’s and their spending on their pets particularly such things as birthday parties and wardrobes. There were many visuals, including a number of animals “wearing” party hats and otherwise subjected to what little girls would probably call “dress-up”, dogs taking “bow-vows” in “marriage ceremony”, and at least one in a baby stroller (of the type generally associated with exercise for an adult).


So the snowflake disassociated millennial’s who spend a great deal of their lives in “social media”, even “texting” during a meal date, perhaps even to set date, pretend real relationships with pets in lieu of true human caring and interaction.


It gets worse


The story that followed was about robotic “pets” taken to “an old folks home” and given to some of the seniors, who seemed to enjoy them, “interact” with them, even to a point of “coming out of their shells”, perhaps speaking for the first time after extended silence. These are not living, breathing animals but robots: the human subjects were, it would certainly seem, somewhat starved of what we would term ”life stimulation”, readily responding to something that, like the little girl tea party, resemble their dreams and imaginings.


It gets worse.


The commercial, in a remarkable juxtaposition of time, displayed skin divers freeing a quail from some constraining net debris, asked when was the last time you did something to help, and use the term “humankind”.


It appears our society has degenerated even from the replacement of friends and mentors and trusted leaders, with psychologists and counselors and psychiatrists, to a point at which real human contact and involvement as well as interaction is not only less than necessary but disdained, perhaps degraded to a scrapheap of total disregard.


That is scary…and saddening to the bone.





April 12, 2018



So “conservative” “leader” Paul Ryan has now joined the growing contingent of incumbents who “will not seek re-election”.  This is beginning to resemble rats departing a sinking ship, making us wonder what it might be that these folk know that they aren’t sharing with the rest of us.





April 13, 2018



Wars and rumors of wars…trade wars may be of greater concern than the open-hostility form, that is.


Yet once again we can look to The Founders for solution to situations that pretend to be problems.  Trade with all; allies with none.  So, open trade, while avoiding alliances…which would, by logic, include any special treatment  -- deals --  for anybody.  Simply take care of your own, and the rest will likely more or less take care of itself, seems to largely be the idea.

So rather than pretending some authority over the world, the President of TUSA might want to consider taking care of our own and letting the rest work itself out as it almost assuredly will.  Look to the history  that has put the world to following the lead and/or relying on the largess, directly or indirectly, of this country, even in its youth, for the proof of that pudding.  We were thinking the other day about having forgiven much of WWI debt, having supplied much of the material as well as money for WWII and then rebuilding the defeated enemies as well as the ravages taken on our allies in those conflicts, and having propped up a series of Asian nations since…including China.

All of this has come, in large part, from the truly amazing production of this nation.  The last time we looked, this one country that had at the time about 5% of world population consumed about 25% of the energy used in the world and was thus denigrated…while it provided roughly 25% of worldwide production.  [That could be related to “American Exceptionalism”; more on that later].

To take care of our own is to use the dreaded “protectionism”.  But wait: why the “dread”?  As far as we’ve been able to determine, there is nothing inherently untoward, let alone evil, associated with the concepts conveyed in “protect”.

Stay tuned for more.






August 7, 2018



After far too long an absence, we return to a more active role in what we believe to be the duty of us all [as Usanns (Tusanns, if you prefer)], to bring this country, and thus the world, ever closer to the best it can be.

Even in our absence we have kept opening new signature windows for our petitions [found through the "Action Items" page].  Today we've added some support material for the petition [#4] we believe could be instrumental in ending much of the difficulty in our society today by leading to a return to Constitutional government...in as little as perhaps just 3 weeks...and at essentially no financial cost to taxpayers.


Stay tuned for more.




August 8, 2018



We note with some amusement and a good deal of sorrow [along with other emotions] the report heard yesterday that 40% of adults in this country cannot name even one of the 5 rights protected in The First Amendment.

Following so quickly behind our writing the support argument for our petition to end unconstitutional “sanctuary” et al, we also feel a bit…validated.


Now, go to our "Action Items" page, do the appropriate reading  -- particularly the support material for petition 4 [to end unconstitutional "sanctuary" et al --  and help set this country get back to Constitutional government.




August 24, 2018



Once again, a person illegally in the country has committed a heinous crime against an individual U.S. citizen.  The perpetrator, a criminal invader from Mexico: the [immediate; there are many ripples here] victim, a young woman.

Such incidents can be made far less frequent, remarkably readily, IFF we choose to make them so.  That can be accomplished within weeks…at virtually no [financial] cost.

There is always some form of cost to virtually anything; the only cost here could be kept to less than 1.5 hours per person, from a very small percentage of the population: something less than 1/10th of 1%...and only perhaps 15 minutes from the vast majority of those individuals.

Or is that too much to ask?  Is it too much to ask of you?  If you can take even 5 minutes to help, please…start here for the minimalist approach; here for more.



September 3, 2018



It is Labor Day.  I want and ask, a small amount of labor, from each of a large number of people.  A quarter of a million people.  Very quickly; perhaps within days, preferably in the next 24 hours, conceivably even in as little as 2 hours.  The objective is to  place 250K electronic signatures on a petition on a WhiteHouse.gov site that could and likely would lead to a return to the form of government Franklin reportedly spoke of on leaving the Constitutional convention in saying “A Republic…if you can keep it.”

Republics historically have a maximum lifespan of about 200 years.

In just 2 weeks, on September 17th, some will at least observe if not celebrate Constitution Day.  It will be the 229th birthday of The Constitution of the United States of America.

Can this Republic survive much longer?  Do the citizens of the country want it to?  Of those who might want it to, are they willing to make even a small effort to ensure that it does?


Check out this support argument for one or our petitions.




September 4, 2018



New stuff, on its own page.


Check out this new support argument [perhaps better termed a better presentation of support argument] for one or our petitions.




September 10, 2018



A week into (new) signature-gathering “Windows” for our petitions [text & more, on pages of this site (no ads, no lists) here] hosted on a WhiteHouse.gov site, two of the four have only 2 signatures, a third has 6, and the other has 8.


Formulation of a hierarchy of Law: the petitioning process itself; protection of legitimate residents of the USA from illegal alien felons; a (relatively) simple and quick and remarkably inexpensive means to return the country to the constitutional Republic form of government The Framers provided.


A week short of Constitution Day, feeling a bit dismayed that essentially nobody gives a bleeeeep.




September 16, 2018



Tomorrow is Constitution Day.  Most people don't even know that.

It is also the beginning of a 7th year of blogging here...the first 5 ½ every day (save one).  Even fewer people know that.  Health problems took us down hard, and the blogging has been sporadic since.

But we have kept up with setting up new signature-gathering “Windows” for our petitions [text & more, on pages of this site (no ads, no lists) here] hosted on a WhiteHouse.gov site...despite depressing neglect by those who could spark real change, even improvement in this country.


Formulation of a hierarchy of Law: the petitioning process itself; protection of legitimate residents of the USA from illegal alien felons; a (relatively) simple and quick and remarkably inexpensive means to return the country to the constitutional Republic form of government The Framers provided.

Consider, please: a support argument for that last one.




September 17, 2018



Constitution Day.  Congress noted the day...in pro forma session; that's how members get to take the day off with pay.  We spent the day trying to get folk to sign and promote our most recent petition, designed to return the country to Constitutional government, quickly and amazingly inexpensively.

It is also the beginning of a 7th year of blogging here...the first 5 ½ every day (save one).  We're going to try to get back to that kind of frequency; heaven knows there is plenty of material.

Formulation of a hierarchy of Law: the petitioning process itself; protection of legitimate residents of the USA from illegal alien felons; a (relatively) simple and quick and remarkably inexpensive means to return the country to the constitutional Republic form of government The Framers provided.

Today, our focus is on a support argument for that last one.




September 18, 2018



Happy 71st Birthday, US Air Force!

Yes, we'd welcome even airdales to assist in resurrecting the Constitution.  Try this: ptn spt 1.




September 19, 2018



Kavanaugh:  how much concern has been shown for the comfort of the nominee [and his family], v the noised concern for the comfort of his accuser [and her family]?

Ultimately, this boils down to a he-said/she-said.  Further, in a wide paraphrasing of the sainted mother of one political party, what difference can it possibly make now? 

The bottom line here is that the minds on both sides have already been made up and the votes are already in place all but formally, and the rest is dog and pony show, electioneering, and strutting of peacocks.

Let the vote proceed.  Party lines would likely be the outcome…just as it would have been from the beginning.  Let the politicians live, like the rest of us, with the results.

Please remember our "Action Items"; start here.




September 21, 2018

Taking the day away, leaving previous entry in place.

September 20, 2018



Interesting day.


Apparently the scrubbing of all history regarding the Democrat operative/useful-idiot accuser of Kavanaugh was not as successful as she might have wished.  What had been reported was little and not particularly damning: there has still been room to offer the idea that the woman is just acting in good faith on errant memories, perhaps unconscionably misguided by duplicitous and potentially just evil political scoundrels.  But it seems one or more high school yearbooks survived the purge and, now in the hands of Kavanaugh supporters, show serious chinks in the story that has at least temporarily derailed confirmation to SCOTUS.


And then there is this: Bloomberg as a possible contender for US Pres in 2020?  What a gift to the Rs!



Please consider our “Action Items”, particularly petitions #3 and #4.  Might be best to start here.




September 22, 2018


Florence: latest estimates of dollar damage now reaching to $44 Billion.  Anybody ready yet to consider an interstate pipeline system for water?


SCOTUS nominee: What makes anybody think the FBI, if it was to conduct yet another investigation into Kavanaugh, particularly so soon after what they’ve just done, would ever report anything that would essentially demonstrate tremendous if not total incompetence on the part of the FBI in now some 6 previous such background investigations of the same individual?

No, we are not suggesting that there is anything to find.  We simply state that no matter what yet another investigation might find [or not find], the conclusions of the FBI in this situation will always be suspect.

We are, therefore, back to he-said/she-said.

Take the vote.


Please consider our “Action Items”, particularly petitions #3 and #4.  Might be best to start here.




September 25, 2018

OK, one more little addition, and we'll move this stuff off to "Recent" tomorrow.

Here goes:  Trump would be most effective in this by doing it before the scheduled hearing on Thursday.

September 24, 2018

We're leaving the last entry in place today: it is just too rich to not do so.  We only wish to add that, on the question of firing; yes, he can.

September 23, 2018

What would Dems do if Trump walked in to the Supreme Court building and fired Ruth Bader Ginsberg, announcing in almost the same breath that he would be nominating Merrick Garland as soon as Kavanaugh is confirmed?


If you see anything of merit in that sentence  -- the thinking, the writing, maybe humor, whatever --  please consider our “Action Items”, particularly petitions #3 and #4.  Might be best to start here.




September 27, 2018

Gonna leave the previous entry in place today.  Despite there being a lot of other stuff going on, just seems the right thing to do.

September 26, 2018

We touched bases with The White House and with one of Mitch McConnells' offices about this stuff today, though we doubt anything will come of it: we tried, but like with most of our efforts, in isolation they will likely never bear fruit, so we need others to take a few minutes to lend their weight as well.

Now, rehashing the question we posed and then added to over the last few days, to establish a convenient jump-off point for the new stuff:

What would Dems do if Trump walked in to the Supreme Court building and fired Ruth Bader Ginsberg [yes, he can], announcing in almost the same breath that he would be nominating Merrick Garland as soon as Kavanaugh is confirmed?

Here’s how we think it might take place:


Trump prepares the appropriate documents for nomination of an individual to the Supreme Court, naming Merrick Garland, with specification that the documents are to be effective on the seating of Kavanaugh on the Court, sending them to the appropriate parties by special courier, to be read immediately on delivery which is to take place on his signal [probably a prearranged cell phone conference call].


Having ascertained the location of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trump, accompanied by perhaps a dozen Marines, then goes to her and tells her she is fired. If this takes place at the Supreme Court, he then gives a command to the senior Marine along the lines of “Lieutenant, see to it that she has all the help she needs to fully clear the building by the end of the day”. If the firing takes place at another location, Ginsburg is informed that she need not return to the offices of the Supreme Court, as all of her property will be removed and delivered to her within 24 hours.


Trump then announces [by another prearranged cell phone conference call, this one in front of cameras] that he has in fact already prepared the documents to nominate Merrick Garland, those documents to take effect immediately on the seating of Kavanaugh.


There might well be some verbal resistance to the firing, on a claim that Trump has no authority to do so.  To which Trump responds along these lines:


“While the Constitution is silent about any authority for exactly this situation, it does clearly specify that members of the Court shall serve “during good behavior”. The Constitution does not specify precisely what constitutes good behavior, nor does it specify who is to make such a determination or by what criteria, let alone exactly what is to be done by whom, in what sequence and within what time frames, ad infinitum, should there be a breach of good behavior.


“It could be argued that impeachment may be the appropriate and perhaps only remedy for unsuitable behavior on the part of a member of the Court. But I have not seen the term “only” in the Constitution in such a context: and I looked. Thus, as I see it, there exists no prohibition against a President removing a member of the Court for failure to meet the good behavior standard.  In fact, a President is obligated, as the chief executive officer of the government, to remove individuals from that employment with the federal government, whenever reasonable [and we’ve seen similar need particularly within the VA] when their continued employment does disservice to that government and the people that government serves.


“In this particular situation, I believe that circumstance had reached a point at which immediate and sure action had to be taken.  But impeachment is neither immediate nor sure. The former member of the Court had, for some time, displayed a number of behaviors that violate the Canon of Ethics to an extent that might well be grounds for disbarment.  That former member of the Court has had ample opportunity to retire and save us all this awkwardness yet has chosen to not do so, arguably for political reasons…a questionable behavior in itself. Therefore, that individual has been discharged and a nominee to fill the vacancy has been selected.


“It is understood that political maneuvering may have a lot of people trying to challenge this action in court.  But what court could rule on the question?  Every member of the federal judiciary up to and including the members of the Supreme Court have a clear conflict of interest in the outcome of such a case, and therefore must recuse themselves from acting on that case.  There is, as far as I am aware, no way to reverse this removal.  The authority exists not because I have said that it exists, but because the system is designed that way, even if some people believe that design faulty: that it has never been exercised in such a fashion before is history but history that has never seen circumstances like those in which we live today.


“I look forward to the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, and to the nomination and swift confirmation of the nominee I will put forward for this newly opened seat as soon as Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed and becomes Justice Kavanaugh.”




We [PLUSdoesNOTequalAND Publishing] expect that many people throughout the country in many positions might well be seriously taken aback.  The only recourse we see as reasonable would require a legislative response, some might call it remedy, probably through amending the Constitution.  The actions taken, however, would stand.


We do not expect this to happen. But flights of fantasy into history yet unwritten can sometimes be interesting, even worthwhile, exercise.


If you see anything of merit above  -- the thinking, the writing, maybe humor, whatever --  please consider our “Action Items”, particularly petitions #3 and #4.  Might be best to start here.




September 28, 2018

Everybody needs a little break from the circus surrounding the SCOTUS nomination, so...

[NOTE: these links go off our site (which carries no ads and engages in no lists) and we cannot be held responsible in any way for what goes on at sites over which we have no control]




Now please consider our “Action Items”, particularly petitions #3 and #4.  Might be best to start here.




September 30, 2018

Taking the day away from writing for this site...but the stuff over the last week warrants a bit of time and thought so that may be all to the good.

September 29, 2018

Bringing back something from the 22nd that we feel seems to be demanding center stage [again]:

What makes anybody think the FBI, if it was to conduct yet another investigation into Kavanaugh, particularly so soon after what they’ve just done, would ever report anything that would essentially demonstrate tremendous if not total incompetence on the part of the FBI in now some 6 previous such background investigations of the same individual?

No, we are not suggesting that there is anything to find.  We simply state that no matter what yet another investigation might find [or not find], the conclusions of the FBI in this situation will always be suspect.

We also strongly recommend reading [re-reading?] the entry for the 26th, now found near the bottom of the page in "Recent".

Time for The Senate to take the vote.


Now please consider our “Action Items”, particularly petitions #3 and #4.  Might be best to start here.



October 1, 2018




OK, with the lull in the furor over Kavanaugh, is it time to examine the status of the federal budget on this first day of the new fiscal year?


Well, it appears that it is mostly done; Trump signed off last week with only a few relatively minor [perspective: always, perspective] areas still sitting under Continuing Resolution.


But what happened to Trumps’ noises last year about not signing another incomplete budget, certainly not one that did not fund his wall?


Pretty quiet on that front.




We look forward to opening new signature-gathering periods for our petitions [please examine/study/consider, but there is little point to signing until the new windows arrive] tomorrow.  Scheduled for around 9p.  Time for avalanches of signatures; midterms only 5 weeks out.



October 3, 2018

Just going to leave this here because there isn't time to do much else: just checkin' in, as sometimes seems to be a practicality when trying to ensure that at least that is done, 7 days a week [as we did for 5 1/2 years before health interrupted].

October 2, 2018



New 30-day signature-gathering windows open just now. We think this stuff is important, or we wouldn't bother making the petitions available.  Hey, even we have other things to do.  But we continue to believe that doing these things have to be a high priority...or the rest may not matter.  Kind of like when you can't breathe [nothing else matters].  So get on it: the support pieces are there for you; [internal] links and the links to the signing pages [external, but WhiteHouse.gov] are all on our "Action Items" page.  Time for avalanches of signatures; midterms only 5 weeks out.


October 5, 2018

Our apologies: we blew it in the link we provided in the blog yesterday for some important connected material.  We have replaced the single word link, correcting it with more appropriate verbiage and a link to the right page, and leave the piece in place as corrected.

October 4, 2018



It seems it may be time to provide at least one answer to one of the questions we have posed:

“What would happen if Trump went to the Supreme Court [or whatever other location Ruth Bader Ginsburg might be found in at that moment] and fired her with something along the lines of “Mrs. Ginsberg you’re fired”, and, if in the Supreme Court building, “Lieutenant, make sure she has all the help she needs: I want her clear of the building by 3 PM”: or, if not at the Supreme Court itself, “You need not return to the Court building itself; your personal belongings will be gathered and returned to you in the next 24 hours”; following that in almost the same breath with an announcement that “I am prepared to nominate Merrick Garland to this now opened seat on The Court as soon as Kavanaugh is seated”?


We believe the first thing that would happen would be a crescendo of “But, But, But,” and “He/Trump can’t do that”, to a background noise of the heads of obsessively Democrat devotees exploding.

Well, the “But, But, But,” is just one of those noises that sound like motorboats. What of the “He/Trump can’t do that”?

As we have noted repeatedly, yes, he can [explained in the blog entry for September 26, at this writing found in "Recent"]. What we have not gone into before, is the dilemma for the Democrats and the very real upheaval beyond the sputtering.

The dilemma for the Democrats, for whom Merrick Garland may be as much a darling as Kavanaugh is for the Republicans, is do they accept the assertion of authority by Trump in order to ensure a replacement for Ginsberg that they would like, or continue the risk of having Trump nominate somebody they might like even less than Kavanaugh?

Many Republicans might be aghast by both the assertion of power and the potential nomination of Garland, with a certain amount of knee-jerk anti-Garland similar to the Democrat knee-jerk anti-Kavanaugh. Those willing to accept so much of what many might see as a power grab, might well largely dismiss a nomination of Garland in figuring that a Republican dominated Senate would not confirm.

But Trump would have a good deal riding on that confirmation and thus might lean on Republicans to get the job done, even to publicly welcome if not embrace the nomination as soon as it was made and follow through with their votes: such a nomination would carry so much political baggage and potential, that Republicans would have to ensure confirmation.

Now, just as the most important part of the Kavanaugh ruckus is not about Kavanaugh [or Ford] or even Republicans or Democrats, but about the bedrock of The Great Experiment, The Rule of Law and the presumption of innocence, the most important part of a brouhaha coming about from a presidential firing of a member of The Court would not be about the departing member of The Court or the replacement to The Court: the most important part of the brouhaha would be the defining of presidential power in these regards.

Certainly, it could not be very long before both political parties discovered the need for a Constitutional amendment to reign in such presidential power. Surely, Trump would not long fail to understand that the day after Garland was seated, he could return to the Court building…and then fire both Sotomayor and Kagan.




October 6, 2018




What if?


What if the vote on Kavanaugh, with one Senator having placed a family convenience ahead of Senate obligations choosing to be absent, is so close that a single vote can reverse the outcome?


What if Kavanaugh is not confirmed?


Who would next be offered to the demigods of the Senate? Who would subject themselves to the likelihood of similar abuses, and would such willingness not suggest an unsuitability to the post [on the basis of poor reasoning, questionable temperament, and strong possibility of ulterior and perhaps political motivation]?


What if, Kavanaugh having been confirmed, Trump went to The Court Monday morning and fired Ginsberg in a manner along the lines we have previously suggested [see the blog entry for September 26, at this writing in "Recent"], while making no reference whatsoever to Kavanaugh? What if Trump fired Ginsberg making no comment whatsoever about a replacement? What if, Kavanaugh having NOT been confirmed, immediately provided a new nomination and then went to The Court Monday morning and fired Ginsberg in a manner along the lines we have previously suggested using the name of the new nominee instead of Kavanaugh? What if…?


A game of chess. Exasperating. Perhaps an exercise in futility. Pandora’s box.

Please consider a look at our "Action Items" page and...taking action.



October 8, 2018

Put this too far down the list today, or too many other things too high: we pass, leaving the previous entry in place.

October 7, 2018




As long as the country is in an uproar about SCOTUS, this might be a good time to carry the discussion a bit further.

We draw attention to our repeated postings about Trump firing Ginsberg.  Our position is that Trump can and ought to, nominating Merrick Garland and urging a prompt confirmation, within weeks if not days, under a sense of decorum not seen in the last effort.

Please consider our entry for 10/4 [at this writing found in “Recent”].


As we see things, the people of the country deserve a full and functioning Court…and a legislature that spends its energy on improving the system rather than interfering with individual lives.




Please consider a look at our "Action Items" page and...taking action.




October 9, 2018




Nikki Haley. Apparently a remarkably talented and capable individual.


But the new suggestion that she might run for President must be met like previous ones: she is not Constitutionally eligible to hold the Presidency because her parents were not US citizens at the time of her birth.


It also seems, IOO, that the Ambassador is not thinking is clearly at the moment as perhaps might be wished. She seemed to offer two reasons for her planned resignation, one of which seems in conflict with the other, both having to do with "term limits".


The term “Term Limits”, as typically bandied about these days, is a diabolical euphemism for a form of a nannyist reduction in Freedom. Virtually every term is limited: people unable to defeat incumbency see limiting the choices of others (as to who may be on a ballot) as boosting the odds of their getting what they want.



“Term Limits”: bad idea.

“Early Voting”: bad idea.

Voting: if informed and considered, good idea; otherwise, otherwise.




As is often the case, we ask attention to our “Action Items”.




October 11, 2018

Leaving this one in place today, more or less on purpose.

October 10, 2018



There is still time even before Election Day to bring about and complete the bloodless coup of bringing the entire country back to the form of Constitutional Republic provided by The Founders.  Time is getting a bit tight to do it that way, but that may be the way for it to be most effective…keyed to the election…though that might actually not change the outcome of a single race…despite having enormous impact on the performance of “winners”.

Please consider our petition #4 support argument, then, [as always,] do the right thing.



As is often the case, we ask attention to our “Action Items”.




October 13, 2018



Well, it didn’t take even a month before we wound up missing a day.  Still, most folk take more than one day off in three weeks.


Happy Birthday to the U.S. Navy.


“That is all.”





October 14, 2018




Remember when the last usurper of The Presidency most clearly demonstrated his hypocrisy? Wasn’t it when, having made a huge point of the concept that this country is not a lot of little divisions but a great unity, he seemingly endlessly went about taking advantage of and aggravating division where he could find it, and alleging and/or creating division where he couldn’t?


He had a lot of people suggesting that he was not supposed to be the Democrat President of the Democrats of America but The President of The United States of America.


Now we have Donald Trump doing a remarkable imitation of that last guy’s hypocrisy. It can very readily be argued that he, as well as the country at large, might be much better off if he would quit acting as if he was the Republican President of the Republicans of America, and presented himself as The President of The United States of America.


The rallies in and of themselves are bad enough, but the endless faultfinding and/or accusations aimed at Democrats is not only trite but is getting old like leftover fish in the refrigerator.


Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear Trump say something along the lines of even his standard whistle stop noise, modified to be less condemning of specifically Democrats? Instead of saying “Democrats are obstructionists”, if he said “those individuals who are obstructionists”? Two consecutive stump speeches given at rallies in such a manner and he could open a section of the rally hall specifically for use by persons other than his base, independents and walkaway and anybody else not “of the base” who might choose to attend in a nondisruptive fashion, providing the “big tent” so often given lip service by politicians.


Hope springs eternal…but we do not recommend the holding of breath.




October 15, 2018



Looks to us like Republicans are bent on a strategy almost guaranteed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. What little we have heard of genuine strategy tends to dote on the improvements in the economy and the like; that such will encourage people to go to the polls and vote Republican.


We disagree with that idea. People may be aware of improvements in the economy and the like; they may be benefiting; they may even be rejoicing. But that is more likely to have them feel better about having spent too much money on a delivered pizza they will eat in a quiet evening spent at home as a reward for having worked so hard at their new job, than to have them energized to accomplish that one more thing added to the already too-long daily to-do list, of voting.


We believe people are much more likely to go to the polls out of anger rather than appreciation.


It seems the Democrats are angry. Thus, they will go to the polls. If Republicans seek a similar energizing of potential voters, we think they need to focus their strategy to a righteous anger.


October 16, 2018

For your consideration, from FaceBook post of Dennett Jeanie dated October 11 at 8:16 PM.


Subject: Civil War!

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS IT IS ONE OF THE BEST I HAVE EVER READ THAT EXPLAINS WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW TO THE COUNTRY. A few days ago, Jack Minzey, sent what was to be the final chapter in the long line of books and treatises which he had written.
Jack went to be with the Lord, on Sunday, 8 April 2018. Professionally, Jack was head of the Department of Education at Eastern Michigan University as well as a prolific author of numerous books, most of which were on the topic of Education and the government role therein. His interest in Conservative Politics was exceeded only by his intellectual ability.
This is the last of his works: Civil War


How do civil wars happen?

Two or more sides disagree on who runs the country. And they can't settle the question through elections because they don't even agree that elections are how you decide who's in charge. That's the basic issue here.

Who decides who runs the country? When you hate each other but accept the election results, you have a country. When you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to a civil war.

The Mueller investigation is about removing President Trump from office and overturning the results of an election. We all know that. But it's not the first time they've done this. The first time a Republican president was elected this century, they said he didn't really win. The Supreme Court gave him the election. There's a pattern here.

What do sure odds of the Democrats rejecting the next Republican president really mean? It means they don't accept the results of any election that they don't win. It means they don't believe that transfers of power in this country are determined by elections.

That's a civil war.

There's no shooting At least not unless you count the attempt to kill a bunch of Republicans at a charity baseball game practice. But the Democrats have rejected our system of government. This isn't dissent. It's not disagreement. You can hate the other party. You can think they're the worst thing that ever happened to the country. But then you work harder to win the next election. When you consistently reject the results of elections that you don't win, what you want is a dictatorship.

Your very own dictatorship.

The only legitimate exercise of power in this country, according to Democrats, is its own. Whenever Republicans exercise power, it's inherently illegitimate.

The Democrats lost Congress. They lost the White House. So what did they do?

They began trying to run the country through Federal judges and bureaucrats. Every time that a Federal judge issues an order saying that the President of the United States can't scratch his own back without his say so, that's the civil war.

Our system of government is based on the constitution, but that's not the system that runs this country. The Democrat's system is that any part of government that it runs gets total and unlimited power over the country.

If the Democrats are in the White House, then the president can do anything. And I mean anything. He can have his own amnesty for illegal aliens. He can fine you for not having health insurance. His power is unlimited. He's a dictator.

But when Republicans get into the White House, suddenly the President can't do anything. He isn't even allowed to undo the illegal alien amnesty that his predecessor illegally invented. A Democrat in the White House has 'discretion' to completely decide every aspect of immigration policy. A Republican doesn't even have the 'discretion' to reverse him. That's how the game is played That's how our country is run. Sad but true, although the left hasn't yet won that particular fight.

When a Democrat is in the White House, states aren't even allowed to enforce immigration law. But when a Republican is in the White House, states can create their own immigration laws. Under Obama, a state wasn't allowed to go to the bathroom without asking permission. But under Trump, Jerry Brown can go around saying that California is an independent republic and sign treaties with other countries. The Constitution has something to say about that.

Whether it's Federal or State, Executive, Legislative or Judiciary, the left moves power around to run the country. If it controls an institution, then that institution is suddenly the supreme power in the land. This is what I call a moving dictatorship. Donald Trump has caused the Shadow Government to come out of hiding: Professional government is a guild. Like medieval guilds. You can't serve in if you're not a member. If you haven't been indoctrinated into its arcane rituals. If you aren't in the club. And Trump isn't in the club. He brought in a bunch of people who aren't in the club with him.

Now we're seeing what the pros do when amateurs try to walk in on them. They spy on them, they investigate them and they send them to jail. They use the tools of power to bring them down That's not a free country. It's not a free country when FBI agents who support Hillary take out an 'insurance policy' against Trump winning the election. It's not a free country when Obama officials engage in massive unmasking of the opposition. It's not a free country when the media responds to the other guy winning by trying to ban the conservative media that supported him from social media. It's not a free country when all of the above collude together to overturn an election because the guy who wasn't supposed to win did.

Have no doubt, we're in a civil war between conservative volunteer government and a leftist Democrat professional government.





October 17, 2018



So, Trump grandstands with a “nickel plan”.  Wow.  We are impressed.  Now, would Trump like to try for “favorably”?


We see some things we find obvious and odious in this “plan”.


First is the question of diversion: this is a sort of a big deal while the announcement seems hardly a necessity of moment, so the question arises, why now?  Is there something else going on that is to be intentionally brushed to the side?  Perhaps something like a pending invasion?

Second, having acknowledged the “penny plan”, it seems Trump would be aware of the objections that have followed that idea around.  Yet he wants to magnify the problems that would come of instituting the “penny plan” five-fold?  There does not seem to be a lot of noise yet on just how well that can be expected to be received…or handled.

Third, if any cabinet member of even 60 days on the job, knew where to be able to cut to effect a 5% reduction throughout the department and hadn’t brought it to Trumps’ attention, that cabinet member ought to be removed.  And if they’d brought it to Trump, why didn’t he act on it, right then?

Fourth, as far as we know, there are only two ways to achieve the kind of savings suggested: across-the-board; or, “surgically”, taking more where reasonable in order to compensate for other areas where it simply cannot be done reasonably, at least to that extent.  Across-the-board is, IOO, foolhardy: it may well wreak havoc with operations that are run as a “tight ship”, even as it destroys incentive to do just that while increasing motive to “pad” the ledger in case there is another round of cutbacks.  The surgical approach makes better sense to some degree, but the magnitude of cut demanded would require huge cuts in some places in order to reach the overall goals because some things would likely not be able to be reduced at all.  Not good.

Finally, since none of the above is exactly quantum leap physics, seems pretty poor material for building of a grandstand, which then argues why is Trump doing this at all, let alone now and in this fashion.

Is this a “buy”?


October 20, 2018

Not tonight: so we wind up leaving the previous entry in place...[despite having done that deliberately yesterday].

October 19, 2018

We leave the last entry in place, because we think it that important and that much of moment.

October 18, 2018


The pending invasion mentioned on the 17th seems to be growing.


There is, however, ample time and other resources to put this particular form of exercise to an end for at least a while. Trump could offer Mexico the monies that, once scheduled as aid for Honduras, should now be off the table and soon, the monies once scheduled as aid for Guatemala that should come off the table, to better enable Mexico to deal with this assault. Of course, it would be reasonable and appropriate for Trump to follow that with an admonition; that if Mexico does not stop this invasion party, then those funds and what had been scheduled as aid to Mexico, will be put to use domestically to ensure the invasion is not successful. [Our mind goes to concertina wire, Claymore’s, rifles, and bayonets.]


Some people may feel that Trump is quite limited in what he can do in this regard. We recommend a reading of the Treaty of Hidalgo, along with the Constitution of the United States.


The following link may also be helpful: https://www.conservativereview.com/news/president-trump-has-full-constitutional-power-to-stop-the-border-invasion-even-without-congress



October 21, 2018



We’ve still little to offer that’s new: the “news” isn’t much, and hardly new.

Too much of "the more things change, the more they stay the same". 
Stew in those juices for a bit.






October 22, 2018



The invasion force from Central America, euphemistically called a “caravan”, heading through Mexico has been reported as growing.  We are not concerned.

This could in fact be a wonderful opportunity.

Mexico failing to prevent the invasion from ever getting to the USA is actually an act of war by Mexico against the USA.  The appropriate response to such an attack would, of course, be military and inherently brutish.  But war with Mexico could provide an interesting fringe benefit  -- to both the USA and Mexico --  in the form of a “take off the gloves” approach to putting an end to the drug cartels that currently dominate much of the USA-Mexico border.

And Mexico can pay for it…one way or another.

BTW: authority exists for whatever measures are seen as necessary and appropriate.  Read the Constitution.


Speaking of the Constitution, we’d still like to see the 3 weeks of activity that could get the nation back to a form of government envisioned and provided for by The Founders.  Please read this and take appropriate action.





October 24, 2018

We just check in, leaving the previous entry in place, despite interesting news of bombs and politics and the pending invasion.

October 23, 2018



The invasion force from Central America, euphemistically called a “caravan”, heading through Mexico may really be a much better opportunity than suggested yesterday. 

Going effectively to war with Mexico not only without a declaration from Congress but despite no doubt a great deal of motorboating but-but-but-but from that body and others would surely be seen as a Constitutional crisis, as well it should be.  Yet Congress has created the situation and created the range of possible responses by way of its actions and inactions.  Just as described in the blog entry for 9/26 [at this writing still in “Recent”] regarding firing a member of The Court, Trump could readily argue that he not only has the authority to take action against an invasion but is obligated by the Constitution to do so; that if Congress is unhappy with that situation it can and is obligated to work to Amend.  The other side of that coin is that Congress would have greater recognition of incentive to do the job of improving the law of the land, the Constitution itself [which might keep Congress busy rather than allowing time for mischief against the citizenry].

This is where another fringe benefit of war with Mexico could come about: in returning to governing by the Constitution rather than seemingly endless statute and regulation which, despite being in conflict with the Constitution, are given the weight of and enforced as law.  Thinning out a lot of that junk would be a good start; pretty much everybody has heard some variation of the story that just about any cop can follow just about any driver for as little as one mile and come up with some violation of law to use as probable cause for a traffic stop.  So it is with the endless regulations.



Again speaking of the Constitution, we again draw attention to the plan we’ve promoted for some time that could, with 3 weeks of activity, get the nation back to a form of government envisioned and provided for by The Founders.  Please read this and take appropriate action.


Just heard a clip of Eric Holder bemoaning what he termed a most corrupt administration, in reference to the current one.  The irony, since Holder probably knows more about a corrupt administration  -- and from the inside --  than any other person on the planet, has us LOL.





October 26, 2018

Just checkin' in, leaving the previous entry in place.  Just worked out that way but seems appropriate enough on its own, all things considered.

October 25, 2018



Bombs.  Well, sort of.  Seems there may have been no triggering devices.  Which suggests the whole thing may have been bogus.

A lot of noise about how horrible this is, and violent, and evil…and each side of the aisle is blaming the other side.  No suspect that is reported, though it is almost a certainty that whoever did this will be found and in remarkably short order.  But each side is already blaming the other.

Some have said it was terrorism, while others have said the bombs were intended not to injure but only to scare…and that is terrorism.

We suspect more likely there is a bad sense of humor in somebody who’s just tired of all the political wrangling and nonsense, with an intent to do little more than show how ludicrous so much of that nonsense really is, how overblown and self-important the “stars” of what pretends to be political discourse are.

Whoever did this has to know that just by reason of the materials used, discovery is likely days out at most.  And capture not far behind.  So why was it done?  Well, it sure caught the attention of media.

Now, if only some of those in the media had such a sense of humor or could at least appreciate such, maybe people could regain a sane perspective.





October 27, 2018




A number of FB posts were seen last night suggesting that a mass shooting was to be expected in the relatively near future.  The premise was that certain influences would need something more to distract from good things and the midterms.

We found it interesting that not only did it come so soon, but that the timing was impeccable if the objective was to hide “breaking news” like a planned news conference by some of the “Angel” folk  -- those who have lost loved ones to further criminal activity of illegal aliens --  that was scheduled for Saturday.

We have some concern for what may be coming next, as the news cycle seems to be completely absorbed in one story and then the next for seemingly shorter and shorter spans…but the time till the election is not relational.





October 28, 2018



Megyn Kelly


Still easy on the eyes she largely destroyed her viability as a journalist a few years ago when her personal life took too great a hand in her “professionalism”, such as it was: everything became centered on her children, every relevance was, at least seemingly, with respect to her children.  It is reasonable also to question the rationality and judgement of any individual who believes, or even pretends, that they add to the wealth of the world in any given year, more than 10 average individuals add in their lifetimes.

That said, NBC is once again demonstrating the editiorial/corporate yechh for which it has become famous…IOO.  Wanting to shed NBC of Kelly is one thing: to do so over trumped up stupid stuff is another.

What offense has Kelly committed?  She said something that was true in context, and offended or at least allegedly offended some people who seem to cling desperately and most publicly to their ability to be offended, sometimes defending their loud positions by total disregard for such things as truth, context, and/or relevance.

NBC will win and lose in the eventual fall-out…as will Kelly.  Wouldn’t it be nice if both parties would then just take their fortunes and slip permanently out of the public eye?





October 29, 2018


5K troops, helicopters, a lot of concertina wire; a good start.  That could be as little as it is as just that, a start…with more to come.  Would this be a good time to mention that the US has close to 30K troops and a lot of hardware currently  -- and for generations --  on the roughly 175 mile border between North and South Korea?

The big stumbling block: Posse Comitatas.  Executive Order or better but no chance legislation will need to be achieved to ensure there is room to work for those troops, and no asylum or any other claim for entry on “the frontier” and none but by visa or passport or the like even at Ports of Entry, until this mess is under control.


More to come.

For now, please consider our petitions [through our “Action Items” page].  This latest mess at the border has even brought one more reason for supporting even our first petition, for a “Hierarchy of Law”.




October 31, 2018

It has gotten late, so we just check in, leaving the previous entry in place.

October 30, 2018



The noise about birthright citizenship is chasing everything else to corners tonight.

Trump certainly has no authority to trump the Constitution but certainly has obligation to uphold it.  That means he must, as both CEO and CIC, take whatever measures necessary to repel invasion.

The novel gambit of Executive Order to end birthright citizenship being erroneously granted to unauthorized persons seems, IOO, ingenious and most likely remarkably effective.  While it could have taken a long time to find a case to pursue through the judicial system to challenge the errant practice, such an EO will surely be challenged [challengers are already lining up] and perhaps almost immediately to SCOTUS…particularly if that EO is framed as a measure to end the de facto invasion that is resulting from the practice.


The next installment of this particular issue may have to wait another day or two.

In the interim, we want to draw attention to a way to perhaps impact the election, particularly Congressional races, the tighter the better.  Simple enough: public signing of performance contracts.

The first to do so in any given contest will gain advantage, and likely hold if not significantly overmatched in a responding performance contract.  Simple and viable/reasonable ones might be based/modeled on those suggested in our “25th Amendment Revolution”.  The book is a bit dated, yet has regained pertinence through current events…and there are those model contracts, and how to make them most effective.  More about that, and our petitions, on our “Action Items” page.






November 3, 2018

Schedules can be destroyed at times, as has been the case today: we leave the previous entry in place [and thank The Powers That Be for what has set here three days in a row].

November 2, 2018

New signature opportunities for our petitions, on "Action Items" page.  Leaving previous entry in place for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its connection to each of the petitions.

November 1, 2018



Wouldn’t it be nice if Trump would spend less time being the President of the Republicans in The United States of America so he could spend more time doing a better job as the President of The United States of America?

The noise today about the border and the “caravans” brought little new to the table.  Worse, it opened a whole new can of worms.  The migrants will not be let into the country…yet, persons entering will no longer get the catch-and-release treatment but be kept in an area with tents…and, presumably, food and clothing and medical care, etc., all on the taxpayers.  And security.  Ad infinitum.

But where will these tents be?  In Mexico?  Not likely.  So they’d have to be in The USA.  But the migrants aren’t going to be let in.  Bottom line: this doesn’t work.

Well, it could…sort of.  With a declaration of Martial Law for a given stretch along the border, which would suspend civil law.  But with suspension of civil law there is no need to not immediately deport to the southernmost practical point in Mexico.  And Trump did say he’d do whatever he had to….

Yeah: a better job of being President of The United States of America is called for here.





November 4, 2018




While our professional efforts here are, we believe, guided by our best lights and Reason and logic, we also understand that our personal political dispositions must ultimately show in a tendency to the right.


That said, we have boiled this midterm election down to a reflection of the general issues most pressed by the opposing major factions: healthcare, and, immigration. Each of these can be complex areas and have certainly been characterized and mischaracterized by both the right and the left for what is now called “spin”, basically a euphemism for propaganda.


One thing in particular has jumped out at us about these two issues: not so very oddly, it has to do with…perspective.


What we have noted is that healthcare is basically a personal matter: immigration, a societal thing.


Healthcare decisions, from how much and what one might eat, to the kinds of treatments available  -- to include the question of affordable  --  and appropriate, vary, from individual to individual. Immigration, particularly as typically noised today, i.e., conflated with migration, is societal in nature, that is, while there are certainly personal aspects, particularly for those who would enter the country, legally or otherwise, the primary concerns and impacts are societal.


Thus, we see one party seeking support through addressing the personal, and the other party seeking support through addressing the societal.


We believe this a valid, even requisite consideration in any deliberation over casting a vote. If one believes that national elections, or even those for state offices, are most appropriately decided with primary respect to personal circumstance, so be it. If, on the other hand, one believes that elections are most appropriately about guiding society, so be it.


Or at least that is how it is seen, from1perspective.




Please consider the petitions on our “Action Items” page, and encouraging others to do likewise.





November 5, 2018



Supreme Court turns down a gun rights case on a flimsy pretense rather than demonstrate responsible behavior.  Perhaps Trump needs to fire more than just Ginsberg.


As if SF irresponsibility in spending about $7K per vote to have illegals cast ballots in local elections wasn’t crazy enough, DC is reportedly going to consider lowering its voting age, in both local and national elections, to…16?  Time for Congress to meet Constitutional obligation by exercise of Constitutional authority and intercede with a few national reforms?  [And yes, it can.]




November 6, 2018



No matter what the results of the election may be for any given contest, or even in the aggregate for Party, the bottom-line reality is that, as soon as an election is over, those elected lose most of their concern for the electorate…until and to the degree another election looms.


It may be a few days before some of the contests are determined.  But it looks like the Ds got The House so the maneuvering for Speaker will begin in earnest shortly.  It would be folly, IOO, to count Pelosi out already.


Time to sign petitions, folk: issues, and non-partisan, rather than individual v individual as in essence "champions" of the Parties [of course in CA many contests are incumbent v challenger in same Party].  Go to the “Action Items” page, do the reading, sign if reasonable/within conscience.




November 7, 2018




While unable to catch all of Trump’s remarks this morning [who could, even if they had the time, stand to listen to all the remarks of any of the people in this country referred to as politicians?], we noted a particular gloating over some of the “wins”. Winning by a single vote counts as a win; perhaps more attention should be paid to how very close some of these wins were in light of the candidates of the opposition.


Caught some of Pelosi’s remarks; should it have been a foregone conclusion that they would be even worse than Trumps? She pounded away at healthcare noting how personal healthcare is. Yet, without a pause let alone any explanation or support argument, she continued her rant as if nobody could ever question the incongruity of such a personal matter being national business of the national government. And it went downhill from there, though some of it was so flimsy that it almost calls for dismissal rather than challenge. One cannot help but wonder if that is not near-genius, laying it down while nobody notices to be able to provide it as unchallenged at a later date.


It may well have been not what Pelosi said, but the presumptions and attitude revealed in the way her carefully selected bits and pieces were strung together in such a smoothly conveyed propaganda.


Very real trouble may be in the offing.