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We continue to petition to The White House in support for “Hierarchy of Law”, largely designed to keep UN & similar attempts against US sovereignty, as regarding arms and the Law of the Sea Treaty, from ever allowing the UN or others to dictate to the US, while still allowing the US to adopt positions in line with such.  Do you really want the UN telling us what to do about an invasion at our border, for example?


Please help this effort to protect US Sovereignty and The US Constitution.  More, here.  Or, take our word for it and immediately go to The White House site by way of our "Action Items" page to sign
[making use of the WhiteHouse.gov site ensures that nobody need leave any information here, potentially saves us a lot of work, and provides opportunity for visitors to also choose from a variety of other petitions that they may also wish to support...or not].

Let’s get this thing over the 100K signatures-in-30-days threshold for a response…in record time.

We need 100,000 signatures, and would rather have twice that  -- how about a half million?


We've a companion petition also accessible through the "Action Items" page with the objective of maintaining and even improving this petition access as a tool for responsive government [novel concept, huh?].  Signatures also requested for that one.



+ ≠ &  

In no way do we pretend that what follows depicts anything less than a horrible situation and tragedy.  What we try to do here is provide another perspective to it.

People who are apparently unwilling to fight for their own families and homes, in their own land and society, are fleeing from the Middle East into (particularly) Europe.  This poses a number of unique problems to the EU and to NATO and to the UN; even, ultimately, to the US.  But the first three of those are all multi-national organizations, each with treaties to which the US is a party.  Remember that old comment about “avoiding foreign entanglements”?


Well, it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so….


There are a number of photos on the web, apparently of this tent city which is allegedly generally used for pilgrims to the Muslim Holy City of Mecca…and now, reportedly, standing empty while millions of Muslims are “refugees” to [more-or-less] Christian Europe.


Story says used for 5 days a year for ~ 2M but can hold 3M: but… http://www.siasat.com/news/saudi-arabia-receives-2-5-million-syrians-834429/


Try a search for images of “Syrian refugees, Hungarian border” or the like to get more.  Then: a few sites with some information that may be worth including in this discussion.













To the question of accepting “refugees”, we must take the position that the answer must be “No”.  Frankly, we’ve enough trouble with “refugees” invading the US from virtually every nation through our southern border and need to address that ASAP…with “vigor”.  On the specifics of the invasion of Europe, we suggest that, as a rule, the relatively young males capable of military service be given a three-day crash course to assure ability for assembly/disassembly of an AK and a ride back to their homeland where one will be waiting for them with ammo [any attempts by persons on the boats back to deter that, will cause the boat to be immediately sunk even if still in the harbor, with no efforts to “rescue” (and if still in harbor, continued efforts of invasion met with “no prisoners” deadly force].

Now please re-read our first few paragraphs in this post.

Harsh?  Maybe.  Reasonable?  Maybe not.  Reasoned?  Yes.



More: it keeps growing:


We may continue to add links to additional material…or not; we doubt there will be much improvement in the overall situation for some time.



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