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We continue to petition to The White House in support for “Hierarchy of Law”, largely designed to keep UN & similar attempts against US sovereignty, as regarding arms and the Law of the Sea Treaty, from ever allowing the UN or others to dictate to the US, while still allowing the US to adopt positions in line with such.  Do you really want the UN telling us what to do about an invasion at our border, for example?


Please help this effort to protect US Sovereignty and The US Constitution.  More, here.  Or, take our word for it and immediately go to The White House site by way of our "Action Items" page to sign
[making use of the WhiteHouse.gov site ensures that nobody need leave any information here, potentially saves us a lot of work, and provides opportunity for visitors to also choose from a variety of other petitions that they may also wish to support...or not].

Let’s get this thing over the 100K signatures-in-30-days threshold for a response…in record time.

We need 100,000 signatures, and would rather have twice that  -- how about a half million?


We've a companion petition also accessible through the "Action Items" page with the objective of maintaining and even improving this petition access as a tool for responsive government [novel concept, huh?].  Signatures also requested for that one.



Hierarchy of the Supreme Law of the Land

The Constitution of The United States of America shall be the Supreme Law of the Land, and shall remain so in perpetuity; there can be no surrender of national sovereignty, not by any act of any governing official or governmental body of The United States of America.

Amendments, properly ratified and attached to the Constitution, become a part of the primary document, and within that context the most recently enacted shall always be deemed to supersede that which has come before, though no amendment can change or permit change of the first paragraph of this article.  Treaties, enacted and ratified in accord with the provisions of this Constitution, i.e., negotiated and signed by the Administration and then ratified by a vote of approval by 2/3 of the Senators present for said vote, just as federal legislation, are secondary and subservient to the Constitution itself and shall not take precedence over any provision of it; federal statutes are made under authority of this Constitution, and it is the obligation of the Congress to ensure that federal statutes and Treaties, also made under authority of this Constitution, do not conflict, and no Treaty shall be ratified in which such conflict exists.

All treaties made, or to be made, under authority of this Constitution, each being subject to the same form of ratification in order to have effect, are to have duration of not more than 10 years, but may be individually renewed by a codification or confirmation vote as if coming before the Senate for ratification for a first time; all treaties now extant under this Constitution are subject to review and codification within 10 years of ratification of this amendment.




(general) PLAN

Exercise integrity, and encourage others to do so: Support each other, and encourage others to do so;

Educate ourselves, and encourage others to do so; Use the term Usann, and encourage others to do so;

Resist tyranny, and encourage others to do so; Exercise authority over officials, and encourage others to do so;

And take the country back, one day, one moment, at a time.

Our goal is to follow the above plan in our lives and our business, thus being a part of returning our country, The United States of America, to the Republic it was envisioned and designed to be and The Great Experiment -- the Rule of Law -- brought to the world by the Founding Fathers.

We ask readers -- and others -- consider doing likewise.

Taking no ads, the only revenue to keep this site going is out of our own pockets and should arguably
be going to other things, from the few items sometimes in our store, and whatever
donations might be put in the tip jar on our Comment/Support page.

To the extent that you think reasonable

-- and please think for a moment about how long it would take you to put something like this together,
and what it would cost you, in energy and money, to then make it and keep it available on the web --

we ask you consider contributing to our delinquency.

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